Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2014 №4 (48)


Zadorozhniy G. V.  Human as a measure of science development in the modern world

Kucherenko E. V.  Interrelation between production and consumption in context of mass consumer society theories

Novikova O. F.Kuzmenko L. M.  Modernization of government system based on social responsibility

Pilipenko Y. I.Pilipenko G. M.  Socially responsible business behaviour: the essence and forming conditions in Ukraine

Lytvynenko N. I.  Tolerance and social-economic growth of a country: cross-cultural study

Arkhipov O. Yu.Cherkavskaya T. M.Druzenko A. N.  Interconnection of shadow economy and state institutions in globalizing world economy

Zavhorodnia O. O.  Order parameters and efficiency factors of National innovation systems in the context of global competition challenges

Bilotserkivets V. V.  New economy in national coordinates: problems and perspectives of development

Shynkaruk L. V.  Structural and social evaluation aspects of proportionality and disproportionality in economy

Shvets V. Ya.  Mechanisms of interaction of subjects of public relations on the basis social responsibility

Nikitina O. B.  Formation of precondition of post-industrial development of Ukraine in European choice trend

Vagonova O. G.Prokopenko V. I.  Social consequences of economic activities of concentration mills in Ukraine

Solyanik L. G.  Social responsibility as a key factor of introducing the model of sustainable development of industry in Ukraine

Temchenko O. A.Gorlov M. I.Temchenko G. V.  Power resource management at the mining enterprises


Lobov S. P.  Evaluation of economic efficiency of enterprise activity from the shareholders’ perspective

Vilyanskiy A. V.  Estimation of the innovative focus of an industrial enterprise

Matusevich A. A.  Ways of raising railway transport enterprises efficacy in Ukraine

Volotkokovska Yu. O.  Improvement of method of forming reserves for social needs in case of mining enterprise closure

Romanenko O. O.  Influence of Internet on industry enterprises activity

Barannik L. B.Cherkavska T. M.  Financial aspects of social protection in emergencies

Boychenko N. V.  Analysis of industrial accidents rate and expenditure on labour protection in Ukraine region-wise


Pilipenko G. M.  Innovation and market power: a study of interrelation on the telecommunication service market

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