Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2015 №2 (50)
UDK:332.122 : 338.43
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Methodical approach to the assessment of the diversification of economic potential of rural areas in the region
Author:Kolesnykov V. I.
Annotation:The conceptual approaches to rural economy diversification based on evaluation of its potential are justified. The reasons of the need to rural economy diversification, including diversification needs and diversification opportunities are defined. The strategic directions and algorithm of the strategic rural economy diversification management are proposed. The rural diversification potential index of the region which provides an opportunity to assess the potential of rural economy diversification of Ukraine`s regions is worked out. 
Keywords:Rural economy diversification, Rural economy, Rural economy potential, Rural area, Strategic rural economy diversification management, Rural diversification potential index of the region
File of the article:EV20152_105-110.pdf