Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2015 №2 (50)


Pylypenko G. N.Lytvynenko N. I.  Ukrainian mentality in G. Hofstede’s research program dimensions

Ksenzova V. E.Ksenzov S. V.  Specific features of belarus mentality

Petrushenko Yu. N.  Participatory model of management and financing in the international programmes of technical assistance as a factor of community’s social capital development

Prushkivska E. V.Pereverzieva A. V.  Influence of mentality on the formation of the sectoral structure of the economy

Barannik L. B.  Problems of human development and social policy under global processes

Topishko N. P.  Social policy and problems of ensuring the social justice in modern society

Deeva N. M.  Scientific and methodological framework to provide guided changes in social responsibility of economic agents

Pilipenko Yu. I.  Innovative elements of the structural reform of national economy of Ukraine

Gutsalova J.  Financial and economic essence of pension provision in Ukraine

Romanenko V. V.  Program-targeted methods for evaluation of state tax policy effectiveness

Kolesnykov V. I.  Methodical approach to the assessment of the diversification of economic potential of rural areas in the region

Voznyuk O. V.  Directions of regional development of Dnipropetrovsk region management system reforming

Vynogradova O. V.Smykova M. O.  Crisis management methods to restore the image of industrial areas

Vagonova O. G.Odintsova K. I.Dosuzhyy V. S.  Definition of the main motives of employee turnover at enterprises in modern economic conditions

Kovalchuk M. V.  Organization-technological ground of investment necessities for support of the ore mining and processing combines’ mineral and raw materials base

Gladka L. I.Poryvai A. A.Bodnya D. A.  Leasing as a means of overcoming the economic crisis of Ukraine

Romaniuk N. M.  Conceptual fundamentals of strategic development of miningand-processing integrated works


Vashchenko N. V.  Methods of personnel motivation for the innovative development of the enterprise

Barash Yu. S.Matusevich O. A.Kravchenko Kh. V.  Methodical approach to determination of the rational zone of plying of a separate suburban passenger train

Shishkova N. L.  Synchronization of accounting and internal control in the airport management system


Prokopenko V. I.  On assessment criteria of efficiency of land resources saving in surface mining

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