Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2015 №2 (50)
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Leasing as a means of overcoming the economic crisis of Ukraine
Authors:Gladka L. I.,
Poryvai A. A.,
Bodnya D. A.
Annotation:The current state of development of the leasing market in Ukraine is defined. The structure and dynamics of the main indicators of the market are researched, and new factors that influence its development are revealed. The problems that hinder the development of leasing relations in Ukraine are revealed, and the benefits of leasing contract in contrast with conventional lending are identified. The ways of overcoming the crisis in the Ukrainian economy by means of leasing are suggested. 
Keywords:Leasing, Leasing services market, Credit, Leasing agreement, Investment, The structure of the leasing market, Problems of the functioning of the leasing market in Ukraine
File of the article:EV20152_141-146.pdf