Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2015 №2 (50)
Section:Economics of enterprise
UDK:658.6: 65.012.61
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Methods of personnel motivation for the innovative development of the enterprise
Author:Vashchenko N. V.
Annotation:The essence of the concept of «employee motivation» is revealed in terms of the need to meet the needs and its difference from the staff incentives. The features of employee innovators motivation are pointed out, taking into account the methodology of labor economics and staff management. A content analysis of the approaches to the classification of groups of staff motivation methods is conducted. Groups of needs that must be satisfied for the innovative development of the enterprise are substantiated, in line with this, the groups of the personnel motivation methods are pointed out including the innovative development of the enterprise. 
Keywords:Innovation, Motivation, Personnel, Needs, Development, Enterprise
File of the article:EV20152_153-160.pdf