Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Keyword: Development


2022 №2 (78) Shvets A. I.  Problems and prospects of the development of Ukraine’s ICT market in the conditions of war

2021 №4 (76) Pashkevich M. S.  Issues of managing social, economic and environmental development of regions and risks of spatial depressions


2021 №3 (75) Igumentsev A. V.  Strategic directions for developing the potential of an enterprise in a circular economy

2021 №3 (75) Arefieva O. V.Tytykalo V. S.  Conceptual approach to the management of advanced development of enterprises’ innovation potential

2021 №2 (74) Kovalchuk A. M.Kopcha Yu. Yu.  Current prerequisites for the development of engineering companies in the realities of the neo-industrial society

2021 №2 (74) Tytykalo V. S.  Components of the economic potential of machine building enterprises of variable and adaptive economic interests

2020 №4 (72) Yukhman Ya. V.  Adaptive-oriented system of management of industrial enterprises on the basis of innovation: scientific and practical aspects of developing the mechanism of its formation


2020 №4 (72) Pryimak N. S.Nikolaichuk O. A.Olinichenko I. V.  Development of enterprises of hotel and restaurant business in Dnepropetrovsk oblast and directions of effective organization of hotel facilities in the region

2020 №3 (71) Musienko V. O.Zinchenko M. E.  Risk-management technology as an element of the economic security system of a business entity


2020 №2 (70) Arefieva O. V.Vovk O. M.Posypaiko Ye. A.  Intensification of material and technical support formation of an enterprise in the conditions of neoindustrial modernization

2020 №1 (69) Naboka R. M.Shuklina V. V.  Scenario approach to managing the information and communication potential of the enterprise in the supply chain

2019 №4 (68) Aref'eva A. V.Kopcha Yu. Yu.  Scientific approach to harmonization of management of economic security potential of machine-building enterprises


2019 №4 (68) Koleschuk O. Ya.  Institutional provision of the innovation development on the basis of «the state – higher education institutions– industry» relationship

2019 №3 (67) Prushkivska E. V.Buyukyan A. R.  Features of development of high-tech export of Ukrainian enterprises


2019 №2 (66) Prushkivskyi V. G.Litovka V. A.  Features of corporate culture development of metallurgical enterprises

2017 №3 (59) Buryak V. V.  Harmonization mechanism of industrial city development in the conditions of decentralization

2016 №3 (55) Buryak V. V.  Evolution of interpretation of «city» concept


2015 №2 (50) Vashchenko N. V.  Methods of personnel motivation for the innovative development of the enterprise


2015 №1 (49) Yermoshkina O. V.  Social responsibility of business and financial maintenance of regional development: is there the conflict of interests?

2014 №1 (45) Prushkivskiy V. G.Kutsenko V. I.  The laws of development and self-preservation in agriculture

2013 №4 (44) Nusinov V. Ya.Kolesnikov D. V.  Improvement of methodological approaches to identification of life cycle stages of vertical-integrated structure

2013 №4 (44) Vagonova O. G.Romanyuk N. M.  Expert evaluation of trends in the development of mining and processing enterprises

2013 №1 (41) Burma S.  Analysis of prerequisites of regional agro-industrial clusters formation


2012 №3 (39) Yagnyuk I. M.  Management of social potential of a company

2012 №2 (38) Boychenko M. V.  Conceptual approaches to the development economics strategy of the Fund for Social Insurance for Industrial Injuries and Occupational Diseases in Ukraine

2012 №1 (37) Belopols’ka T. V.  Forms and methods of financing the social infrastructure of the industrial enterprises


2012 №1 (37) Petrunya Y. Y.  Social responsibility of business: Ukrainian contents

2011 №2 (34) Voloboyev V. D.  Trends and directions of enforcement of development of machine-building of Zaporizhzhya region


2010 №4 (32) Vasyluk S. V.  Development of human resources of enterprises under maintaining the social-economic efficiency of its activity