Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2015 №4 (52)
Section:Regional economics
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Structural features of Donbass economy in the conditions of political and economic instability
Author:Shynkaruk L. V.
Annotation:The trends in the functioning of the sectors of the regional economy in the conditions of economic and political instability are analyzed. The structural features of the economy of Donbass and the necessity of structural adjustment on the basis of neo-industrial processes are pointed out. The necessity of considering the experience of EU countries in the structural adjustment and diversification of the economy of old industrial regions of Ukraine is emphasized. 
Keywords:Old industrial regions, Structure of economy, Sectoral structure of old industrial regions, Diversification of economy of old industrial regions of Ukraine, Economic instability, Structural adjustment, Coal industry, Donbass neoindustrialization
File of the article:EV20154_097-105.pdf