Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2015 №4 (52)


Zavhorodnia O. O.  Economic-genetic bases of innovative macrodynamics

Gusyeva O. Yu.Vereskun M. V.  Information and telecommunications industry of Ukraine: economic trends and development opportunities

Pylypenko G. M.Lytvynenko N. I.  Institutional factors of socio-economic systems development

Bodrova D. V.  Institutional reforms in the process of becoming the national innovation system

Kuzminov S. V.  Changes in the labour market as a factor of formation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of educational market demand

Yenalyev M. M.Horlachuk V. V.  Reflection of coalescing and event splitting effect in utility theory

Duchynska N. I.  Utility theory: analysis of consumer behavior in terms of risk

Shtefan N. N.  European integration of Ukraine: conditions and prospects

Gubar O. V.  Food industry competitiveness of Ukraine under european integration processes

Isaeva N. I.  Current improvement of strategic planning in Ukraine

Shynkaruk L. V.  Structural features of Donbass economy in the conditions of political and economic instability

Bondarenko G. V.  Social and economic aspects of preserving the potential of coal industry of Ukraine

Vengerska N. S.  Rural development of Ukraine under european integration process: problems and prospects


Rizun M. D.  Intellectual capital as an instrument for ensuring enterprise's competitiveness

Sobko O. N.  Development of the intelligent agencies network as an enterprise value creation accelerator

Gnennij O. M.Chernova N. S.  Valuation of functional depreciation of freight cars

Mushnykova S. A.  Logistic approach in financial enterprise management


Yatsentiuk S. V.  Creation of an effective approach to the formation and development of brand equity on the basis of the «brand’s GAP» method

Dovbnya S. B.Pysmenna O. O.  Theoretical grounding and developing of strategic goal hrmanagement

Kovalchuk K. F.Kozenkova N. P.Kozenkova V. D.  Using of fuzzy logic elements in system of financial control

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