Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2015 №4 (52)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Russian
Title:Intellectual capital as an instrument for ensuring enterprise's competitiveness
Author:Rizun M. D.
Annotation:Human capital is considered as the main source of enterprise's competitive advantage. The necessity to identify the notion and structure of human capital from the point of view of its intellectual resources is justified, together with the possibility to apply information technologies in knowledge management. The essence of the notions of human and intellectual capital is considered, the author’s vision of interconnection of elements inside these categories is presented. Recommendations on improving the methods of human capital management by means of controlling the knowledge of enterprise's employees are suggested. 
Keywords:Human capital, Intellectual capital, Knowledge potential, Enterprise's competitiveness, Virtual educational platform
File of the article:EV20154_119-128.pdf