Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2016 №3 (55)
Section:Branch and business finance
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Means to improve the controllability of accounting information security
Author:Shishkova N. L.
Annotation:Effective system of accounting aims not only to provide relevant information to users, but also to become a part of security constituent of an enterprise directed at the improvement of the quality of accounting and controlling-managerial information. Ways of improving the effectiveness of controlling the security of accounting information by means of creating a mechanism of anticipation, prevention and countermeasure to security threats and accounting information protection are considered. Three-level system of accounting information security management is offered taking into account the aspects of its protection. 
Keywords:Economic security, Information security, Accounting information, Accounting information users, Controllability
File of the article:EV20163_119-127.pdf