Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2016 №3 (55)


Fedorova N. E.Pylypenko H. M.  Theoretical and methodological analysis of development of socio-economic systems in the context of progress

Pylypenko Yu. I.Chernobaev V. V.  Long-wave fluctuations as a trend of the world economy's development

Kuznetsov O. A.  Social economy in the works of N. D. Kondratieff

Barannik L. B.Cherkavska T. M.  Modernization of social budget of ukraine in the increasing globalization challenges

Voznyuk O. V.  Optimization of financial management of social security of citizens

Gornyak O. V.Saliuk-Kravchenko O. O.  Ways of improving corporate security of entities

Khomyak M. S.  Methodical approaches to definition of determinants and estimation the size of regional fiscal space

Buryak V. V.  Evolution of interpretation of «city» concept


Shapoval V. M.Herasymenko T. V.  Factors and principles of increasing efficiency of tourism complex companies

Gornyak O. V.  Motivation as a form of coordination of interests of modern companies staff and owners

Knyshek O. O.  Analysis of absolute and relative effectiveness of enterprise foreign economic activity

Toporkova O. A.Savchuk L. M.Sokyrynska I. G.  Inventory management and organization of its accounting for railway transport

Kirilenko O. M.  Features of the railway transport rolling stock operators' activities with the functioning of weak sectors of the railway taken into account

Khomenko N. M.  Modern trends of developnet of audit activity in ukraine

Shishkova N. L.  Means to improve the controllability of accounting information security

Kratt O. A.  Theoretical and methodical bases of formation combined financial statements group companies

Bandorina L. M.Savchuk R. V.Sokyrynska I. G.  Information-analytical system of enterprise financial state recognition branch and business finance


Pylypenko H. M.Prushkivska E. V.Kusakova Yu. A.  Comparative analysis of the development of green tourism in ukraine and abroad

Kuryltsiv R. M.  Formation of conceptual framework of land administration systems in ukraine

Dudnyk A. V.  Sustainable development of urban systems: theoretical aspects

Tymoshenko L. V.Dementieva N. V.  Environmental and economic substantiation of usage of renewable sources of energy for municipal facilities

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