Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




2018 №4 (64)

Leschuk Y. A.  Forward pricing at futures markets

Studinska G. Ya.Prosov V. M.  Economic nature of mortgage financial instruments

Prokhorova V. V.Bozhanova E. V.Mushnikova S. A.  Monetary policy as an instrument for state regulation of entrepreneurship development

2018 №3 (63)

Romanenko V. V.  Development of state tax risk management tools in Ukraine

Ovchinnikov A. V.  State tax regulation as a factor of social development in Ukraine: theoretical aspects

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Institutional basis of financial support of small and medium entrepreneurship development in Ukraine

2016 №3 (55)

Bandorina L. M.Savchuk R. V.Sokyrynska I. G.  Information-analytical system of enterprise financial state recognition branch and business finance

Kratt O. A.  Theoretical and methodical bases of formation combined financial statements group companies

Shishkova N. L.  Means to improve the controllability of accounting information security

Khomenko N. M.  Modern trends of developnet of audit activity in ukraine

2015 №1 (49)

Rekunenko I. I.  Determination of the financial market information efficiency

2013 №4 (44)

Dumenko N. M.  Gap management in interest rate risk assessment in the Ukrainian banking system

2013 №2 (42)

Safin K.Sołtysiak A.  Financial strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland

2012 №4 (40)

Yermoshkina O. V.  Modern trends of creation the financial resources of industrial enterprises: European experience

2012 №1 (37)

Dubei Y. V.  Peculiarities of creation and structuring the current assets of the machine-building enterprises

Ivanyts’ka M. P.  Modern realities and problems of filling the state budget by the corporate income tax

Belopols’ka T. V.  Forms and methods of financing the social infrastructure of the industrial enterprises

2011 №4 (36)

Galushko O. S.Kozar D. S.  Genesis of the conceptual essences of controlling

2011 №3 (35)

Khaver V. M.  Analysis of factors that influence financing innovation project

Vorobjov J. M.Gorb V. A.Pochechun O. I.  The features of the calculation methods of the financial security level on railway transport enterprises

Dzenzers'kiy D. V.  Budget management system of corporation financial activity and its improvement

2011 №2 (34)

Kolesova I. V.  Modernization of financial mechanism of corporations

Didyk L. M.  Financial mechanism of management for the modern enterprise

Solyanyk L. G.  Evaluation of financial component of competitiveness of enterprises of metallurgical branch

Dvigun A. O.  Role of transformation in tax system in Ukraine

2011 №1 (33)

Filio M. M.  Hidden economy and avoiding the taxation: pragmatism of correlation

Desiyatniuk O. M.  Sources of risks of creation of an effective tax mechanism of innovative development

Galushko O. S.  Depreciation policy and its influence on the innovation development of an enterprise

2010 №3 (31)

Radzivilo I. V.  Financial tools of overcoming the crisis of innovative development of industrial enterprises

Bolduyeva O. V.  Role and order of development of emission policy of the enterprise

Yermoshkina O. V.Alekseenko T. V.Fedorenko O. D.  Institutional aspects of activity of financial-industrial groups in Ukraine

2010 №2 (30)

Bolduyeva O. V.  Securities as a mechanism of self- financing of enterprises in Ukraine and abroad

2010 №1 (29)

Didyk L. M.  Financial component of the life cycle of an enterprise

2009 №4 (28)

Galushko O. S.  Problems of harmonization of tax system of Ukraine in the global economic area

2009 №3 (27)

Cherep A. V.Ustymenko A. O.  Analysis of the financial state of enterprises and organizations of Zaporizhzhia region

Proskurina N. M.Romanuk N. S.  Current assets management in crisis conditions on an enterprise

2009 №2 (26)

Pilets’ka S. T.  Risk Management in Development the Financial Strategy of a Firm

Ermoshkina O. V.  Flow of Funds Management on Regional Enterprises and Its Innovative Direction

2009 №1 (25)

Dobrovols’kyi O. I.  Alternatives of free funds investment efficiency with appropriate risks

2008 №3 (23)

Dubyts’kyi D. P.  Financial safety analyses of mining and metallurgical enterprises in Dnipropetrovs’k region

Ponomariov I. F.Legchenko O. A.  Forecasting and planning of financial indicators of a business enterprise credibility

Venetulis T. A.Shyshkova N. L.  Approaches to decrease the debtors’ debts of municipal enterprises

Ermoshkina O. V.  Financial reserves management to optimize the financial flows of industrial enterprise

2008 №1-2 (21-22)

Lemishko O. O.  The Perspectives of Effective Financial Mechanism Development for Innovations’ Implementation in Ukrainian Firms

Zhovtanets’kyi N. O.  Venture Investment Risks Classification

2007 №3 (19)

Shevchenko V. V.  The New Financial Opportunities of Factoring

Syomchenko V. V.  Budgeting as the Method to Provide the State Budget Balance

2007 №2 (18)

Bobkova O. O.  The Analyses of Intangible Assets Evaluation Methods

Ivchenko L. V.  The Improvement of Discounts Calculation at the Trade Enterprises

2007 №1 (17)

Dovbnya S. B.Razgonyaeva T. M.  Factoring as the financing of enterprise turnover assets: peculiarities and perspectives

2006 №4 (16)

Koryt’ko T. Y.  Local Budgets As A Part of The National Budget System

Bagrova I. V.Makeeva N. S.  Optimal Size Of Debtor Debt Determination

2006 №3 (15)

Gres’ N. L.Zhadan Y. M.  Organization of accounting of automobile trunks movement of the enterprise

Semenov V. V.Gamolin A. V.  Peculiarities of analysis of efficiency of activity for corporate structures

Shvets’ V. Y.  Accounting-analytical securing of investments on the market of antiques

Bondar Y. A.  Leading the analogies of internal and external audit of economic subjects

Belozertsev V. S.  Conceptual basis of credit policy on the enterprises of Ukraine

Remniova L. M.Lavrov R. V.  Investment-innovative activity of an enterprise as an object of financial management

Kovalchuk K. F.Mezernyak D. A.Shpankovs’ka N. G.Kostanets’kyi V. V.  Budgeting in process of management structures reorganization and delegation the authorities

2006 №2 (14)

Gres’ N. L.Gridina M. O.  Theoretical and practical aspect of retirement security of scientific (scientific-pedagogical) staff

Boenko O. S.  Planning of innovative project crediting

Burluts’kyi B. V.  Efficiency of tax environment of Ukraine

Shatyriova S. S.  Evaluation o f investment attractiveness of Kryvorizs’kyi extract-concentrate industrial complex o f oxide ores

Yermoshkin A. O. V.  Determining the time of service of financial flows in the system of financial resources management of an enterprise

Dovbnia S. B.Razgoniaeva T. M.  Factoring financing of current assets of an enterprise: peculiarities and perspectives

2006 №1 (13)

Chernenko N. O.  Management of basic elements of current assets

Danchenko O. Y.  Comparison of budgeting methods: traditional, flexible and activity based

Abernikhina I. G.  Theoretical bases of the insurance defense of the enterprise

Lazebnik L. L.Prushkivs’ka E. V.  Objective preconditions for usage of financial relations for centralized influence on the economic system

Solianik L. G.  Optimization of parameters of inventories management on the industrial enterprise

2005 №4 (12)

Tsurkan I. M.  Essence and content of functions of tax management of enterprise

Popova G. Y.K3rjukh1na O. M.  Development of internal auditing system as a factor of investment risks declining

Venetulis T. A.Kemars’ka L. G.  Usage of controlling in sanitation procedures

Dovbnia S. B.Naidovs’ka A. O.  Methodological aspects of forming of centers of financial responsibility

Solianik L. G.  Organization-economic mechanism of management of current assets and sources of their financing

2005 №3 (11)

Rekova N. Y.Moiseenko K. Y.Vil’chevs’ka K. V.  Leasing operations as a perspective form of investments of enterprises in Ukraine

Titova N. A.Karnaukhova Y. V.  Usage of financial leverage effect in structure and capital profitability management of the enterprise

Yermoshkina O. V.  Usage of the system-goal approach to building the financial flow system of the enterprise

Solianik L. G.  New approaches to debt management on the industrial enterprise

2005 №2 (10)

Ponomarenko O. P.  Concept of economical stability

Solianik L. G.  Credit policy as an instrument of debt management on enterprise

Zadoya A. O.Tkachenko I. P.  Financial monitoring: perspectives of introduction and problems of realization

Podderiogin A. M.Naumova L. Y.  Financial stability of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises: problems and directions of their securing

2005 №1 (9)

Yermoshkina O. V.  Classification of financial flows under development of management financial system on enterprise

2004 №4 (8)

Basantsov I. V.  Organization of the financial control in the state treasury system

Tsurkan I. M.  Development of the production program with taking in consideration the optimization of tax payments

Vyshnevskiy V. P.Popov S. M.  Tax regulation of the commercial banks activity: theoretical aspects

2004 №3 (7)

Solovyova L. O.  Monitoring of the economic activity of an enterprise as a taxpayer

Petryk O. A.  Improvement of the postulates of auditing as an important direction of its theoretical development

Bryzhaty V. V.  Financial and investment risks of an enterprise as an emitter of fund tools

2004 №2 (6)

Petryk O. A.  The peculiarities of determining the purpose, tasks, and objects of audit at the present stage of development

Sakhartseva I. I.Podmeshalska Y. V.  Developing a complex model of thematic audit of inventory operations

Shyshkova N. L.  The innovative component when preparing the sanitation program for an enterprise

Amosha O. O.  On the directions of improving the mechanism of VAT

Kovalchuk K. F.Savchuk L. M.Vyshnyakova I. V.  A universal model of ranging the acceptable kinds of leasing transactions for a given enterprise

2004 №1 (5)

Semenyuk V. S.  The influence of operations with imported raw materials on the need for current assets and their efficient use

Reva T. V.Kovalchuk T. F.  Tax problems caused by sponsorship of coal-mining enterprises

Semenov H. A.Bondar A. V.  An improvement in managing the enterprise’s financial activity

Shvets V. Y.Klementyeva O. Y.  A foreign experience of prognosticating the financial state of an enterprise

2003 №4 (4)

Vyshnevska A. V.  Main aspects of managing companies’ assets

Tsurkan I. M.  Tax reduction on the basis of improving the use of an enterprise’s resources potential

Yermoshkina O. V.  Theoretical approaches to the classification of financial flows in developing an enterprise’s international relations

2003 №3 (3)

Shyshkova N. L.  Improving the analytical stage of preparing for sanitation

Konovalyuk V. I.  Problems o f forming the system o f taxation of monopolies in the extractive industry

Solyanyk L. G.  Effective current assets management - a key control-lever for improving the results of financial and economic activity of an enterprise

Yermoshkina O. V.  Creating the system of financial flow management of an enterprise in the market conditions

2003 №2 (2)

Савчук В. П.  Теорія і практика оцінки ефективності інвестицій у країнах із перехідною економікою

2003 №1 (1)

Didyk L. M.  Theoretical aspects of financial rating of enterprises

Shtefan N. M.  Influence of the dividend policy on the choice of variants and sources of development financing of an enterprise under existing taxing conditions