Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2018 №3 (63)


Smiesova V. L.  Power-property and its features in Ukraine

Kvasha T. K.Rozhkova L. V.  Upcoming trends of innovative development of energy sector in the world and Ukraine

Gerashchenko S. A.Iermoshkina O. V.Kolotylo M. B.Shapoval V. M.  Economic security of Ukraine: analysis and global trends

Chornobayev V. V.  Problems and prospects for development of enterprise activity in the market of antiques and collectibles

Cherkavska T. M.Polischyk N. O.  Procedures for diagnostics of social processes on labour market (gender aspect)

Afendikova S. V.  Transformation of the nature and forms of domestic trade

Masko A. M.  Essence and place of the institution of state power in the economic system

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Institutional basis of financial support of small and medium entrepreneurship development in Ukraine

Ovchinnikov A. V.  State tax regulation as a factor of social development in Ukraine: theoretical aspects

Romanenko V. V.  Development of state tax risk management tools in Ukraine


Tryfonova O. V.  Substantiation of managerial decisions for ensuring sustainable functioning of enterprise

Savchuk L. N.Savchuk R. V.Udachyna K. A.Samodurova O. S.  Development of informational analysis system of trade policy at an enterprise

Prykhodchenko O. Yu.  Analysis of the pension scheme influence on the financial indicators of an enterprise

Ovchar P. A.  Institutions of automobile transport regulation in Ukraine and its effect on economic development

Gorova K. A.Zaitsev V. D.  Determination of the main indicators of the regional enterprises attractiveness as manufacturing outsourcer

Kozenkova V. D.  Valuation and cost modeling of an industrial enterprise

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