Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №3 (67)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Features of development of high-tech export of Ukrainian enterprises
Authors:Prushkivska E. V., National University «Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic»,
Buyukyan A. R., National University «Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic»
Annotation:The article is devoted to the study of high-tech export of Ukrainian enterprises and the development of an approach to determining industry priorities for financing high-tech industries. The features of the Ukrainian export development are analyzed, and it is determined that it is mainly of a raw material nature (agricultural products, metallurgical and chemical industries) and consists of intermediate goods with a relatively low technological component. In the structure of foreign trade of Ukraine, the largest share of high-tech products is in mechanical engineering. At the same time, in recent years, there has been a rapid development of exports of high-tech services that are gaining weight in Ukraine, in particular, thanks to the development of the information and communication technology sector. The dynamics of the positions of Ukraine according to the Economic Complexity Index are determined. The absence of significant changes in the structure of Ukrainian exports has led Ukraine to lag behind the developed countries of the world. However, Ukraine within 20162017 significantly improved position in the ranking of countries in terms of high technology. It is substantiated that in order to develop high-tech exports, it is necessary to carry out balanced exports to support national enterprises producing innovative products. The problem of activation of innovative activity in export-oriented industries of Ukraine can be solved, provided its financing is improved at the expense of state and local budgets. An approach to determining industry priorities for financing high-tech industries is proposed based on the following criteria for selecting types of economic activity: a) the effectiveness of using own financial resources in the innovative activities of high-tech industry enterprises; b) the attractiveness of the industry for investing in institutional units (government, creditors, investors) c) the pace of development of exports of high-tech products of a particular industry. The use of the proposed criteria allows us to clearly substantiate the promising areas of financing high-tech industries in Ukraine. 
Keywords:High-tech export, Industry, Foreign trade, Development, Enterprise, Financing of innovative development
File of the article:EV20193_009-015.pdf
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