Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2013 №4 (44)
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Improvement of methodological approaches to identification of life cycle stages of vertical-integrated structure
Authors:Nusinov V. Ya.,
Kolesnikov D. V.
Annotation:The necessity of improvement of methodological approaches to the identification of stages of the life cycle of a vertically integrated structure is justified with its specific characteristics taken into account, including the influence of the industry and the possibility of the changes modeling in the transition from one stage to another. Criteria for the identification of these stages are developed. It is proposed to carry out the identification of the life cycle of a vertically integrated structure via matrix method taking into account the development of the industry it operates in. 
Keywords:Vertically-integrated structure, Life cycle, Development, Decline
File of the article:EV20134_036-044.pdf