Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2015 №2 (50)
Section:Economic theory
UDK:330.8 : 364.01
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Social policy and problems of ensuring the social justice in modern society
Author:Topishko N. P.
Annotation:The role of social policy in the development of modern society is observed. The main models in the EU are characterized. The principles of interpretation of the category of social justice are investigated. The approaches to the correction of form and content of the contradictions of social development, ways of ensuring social consensus and the balance between economic efficiency and social justice are examined. Attention is focused on the problems of defining the boundaries of social and economic inequality, and also on approaches to the implementation of the principle of social justice. It is emphasized that the necessity of radical changes in social policy and its adaptation to new realities are on demand. 
Keywords:Social policy, Standard of living, Social justice, Social responsibility, The Gini coefficient
File of the article:EV20152_059-067.pdf