Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2016 №2 (54)
UDK:339.13.017 + 658.8.012.12
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Interaction of mining engineering enterprises in supply channels
Authors:Reshetilova T. B., Kuvaieva T. V.
Annotation:The main tendencies and problems of companies interaction of Ukrainian mining machinery in supply channels are analyzed. It is shown that violation of traditional production chains between companies of the mining industry, mechanical engineering and other related industries leads to change of interrelations in supply channels of industrial products. The research has indicated that the most rational form of interaction of mining machinery enterprises in supply channels is a partnership. It is highlighted that partnership contributes to the achieving of mutual benefit of all participants and to minimizing interaction costs. A tool that allows company to take into account the specifics and trends of industry development in the interaction of enterprises in the unstable environmental conditions is proposed. 
Keywords:Mining engineering, Supply channels, Component parts, Companies interaction, Minimization of distribution costs
File of the article:EV20162_112-120.pdf