Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №4 (72)
Section:Entepreneurship and economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Justification of rational conditions for investing entrepreneurial activities of a machine-building enterprise
Authors:Vagonova O. H., Dnipro University of Technology,
Bekleshow D. O., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. The results are obtained through the application of the following methods: the probability theory – when assessing the contribution of each goal of the entrepreneur (lender) to the increase in the efficiency of project investment; comparative analysis – when determining the goals of the borrower of investment resources; mathematical programming – to establish indicators that play an important role in the formation of the cost of a loan and the duration of its payback. Analytical model is built to determine the market influence on the amount of payment of the credit conditions determined by the bank and the depreciation of money in the future. Results. The business conditions for the formation of economic relations between the lender and the borrower are revealed on the basis of a compromise between the goals of their investment activities. The factors of optimal combination of interests of the borrower and the lender of investment resources are systematized. A methodological approach has been developed to the planning of a sufficient amount of payment for an entrepreneur at the expense of expenditures that refer to the prime cost of manufactured products to repay the balance of the loan after the facility is put into operation. In terms of improving the conditions for lending to business activities, the rational level of expected inflation is substantiated as a component of the interest rate for planning the real level of the rate for the next year and in the long term, together with the level of profitability of the loan provided by the bank. There are compared the schemes of capital investments in the project of renewal of fixed assets of production at a machine-building enterprise, and a rational scheme of renewal of production means at «Dneprotyazhmash» plant is proposed. Novelty. The main statements regarding the provision and receipt of a loan are formulated, the choice of a rational option for lending is assessed by the criterion of the effectiveness of interaction between the borrower and the lender, there is also developed a methodological approach to calculating the amount of payment from an entrepreneur to repay the balance of the loan over a certain time. An analytical formula has been developed for accounting for the impact on the amount of payment of the terms of the loan and the depreciation of money in the future. Practical value. The results of the study make it possible to establish mutually beneficial economic relations between the lender and the borrower on the basis of a compromise between the goals of their investment activities. 
Keywords:Entrepreneurship, Investment activity, Lender, Borrower, Banking relations, Loan repayment, Bank rate
File of the article:EV20204_219-227.pdf
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