Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Entepreneurship and economics of enterprise

2022 №2 (78)

Savchenko M. V.Balzan I. V.  Conceptual approach to the management of labor potential development of an enterprise

Dobryniuk O. I.Litvinov Yu. I.  Formation of the competitive position of a small manufacturing enterprise on the basis of business modeling

Holubka D. S.  The principles of improving the development of franchise business in Ukraine

Andriishyna O. O.Shapoval V. A.  Retail trade in the conditions of digitalization of society

Ivanets D. V.  Competitiveness of an aircraft repair enterprise: methodical basis and strategies

Bessonova S. I.Komarov A. S.  Impact of investments on the development of industrial enterprises in Ukraine in the conditions of eurointegration

Arefieva O. V.Tytykalo V. S.  Monitoring of the space-process management system of the enterprise’s economic potential

2022 №1 (77)

Tytykalo V. S.  Theoretical basics and evolution of fundamentals of enterprise management

Tatar M. S.Yermakova A. V.  Accounting and diagnostic basis of analysis of the influence of fixed funds usage efficiency on business entities’ financial status

Kozenkova V. D.Tkachova O. K.  Mathematical methods of risk assessment of agricultural enterprises

2021 №4 (76)

Vagonova O. H.Bekleshow D. O.Terekhov E. V.  Methodological justification of the directions of improvement of qualification of the personnel of the enterprise

Tymoshenko L. V.Litvinov Yu. I.  State and prospects of small enterprise development in the field of construction

Zalizniuk V. P.Safonik N. P.Kaya A. S.  Modern trends of innovative activity of enterprises of Ukraine in the international economic space

2021 №3 (75)

Igumentsev A. V.  Strategic directions for developing the potential of an enterprise in a circular economy

Shtefan N. M.  Improvement of industrial enterprises valuation methods

Kasyanenko L. V.  Increasing the efficiency of investment in improving the working conditions of employees of coal mines

Krylova O. V.Shapka P. V.Zamkovyi O. I.  Ways of improving the functioning of the enterprise in the conditions of FinTech transformation of the financial market

Solianyk L. H.Mofa I. V.Huzhva N. O.  Management of financial activity of enterprises in the conditions of digitalization of business processes

Arefieva O. V.Tytykalo V. S.  Conceptual approach to the management of advanced development of enterprises’ innovation potential

Savchenko M. V.Peshko P. S.  Tools for diagnosing the risk of strategic stability loss at forestry and hunting enterprises

Vovk O. M.Safonik N. P.Fridrikh Yu. V.  Preventive security and forecasting of the competitive status of an aircraft enterprise

2021 №2 (74)

Popov S. O.Romanenko O. V.Kolosovsky D. V.Kovnytska I. V.Mogil A. K.  Computer modeling of the process of breaking down iron ores to determine the optimal parameters of drilling and blasting operations according to the criteria of their economic efficiency

Kovalchuk A. M.Kopcha Yu. Yu.  Current prerequisites for the development of engineering companies in the realities of the neo-industrial society

Tytykalo V. S.  Components of the economic potential of machine building enterprises of variable and adaptive economic interests

Poberezhna Z. M.  Formation of key components of ensuring competitiveness of the business model of aviation enterprises

2021 №1 (73)

Shkurenko O. V.  Public-private partnership as a tool of maintaining the balance of the circular economy model: scientific and practical aspects

Arefieva O. V.Polous O. V.  Management of logistical support of innovative cooperation intensification under economy intellectualization

Klymenko K. V.  Neural network modeling of innovative development of JSC «Ukrtransnaft»

Shelest T. N.  Strategic orientations for forming a management system for innovation-oriented development of industrial enterprises

Tytykalo V. S.  Stimulators and disincentives of state regulation, functioning and development of machine building enterprises

Yurchishina L. I.Tarasenko V. A.  Increasing the competitiveness of tourism enterprises on the basis of benchmarking

Obruch H. V.  Ensuring the development of railway transport enterprises in the context of digital transformations in the industry

Savchuk L. M.Lozovskaya L. I.Savchuk R. V.Yarmolenko L. I.  Modeling of management tasks for the enterprise financial policy

2020 №4 (72)

Vagonova O. H.Bekleshow D. O.  Justification of rational conditions for investing entrepreneurial activities of a machine-building enterprise

Kovalchuk A. M.  Management aspects of estimating the economic security of the enterprise in the conditions of the transformation economy

Yukhman Ya. V.  Adaptive-oriented system of management of industrial enterprises on the basis of innovation: scientific and practical aspects of developing the mechanism of its formation

Karlova O. A.Sekirozh Ya. V.  Conceptual approach to the formation of innovative support for sustainable development of machine-building enterprises

Derigin O. D.  Specificity of influence of macroeconomic factors on regulation of innovative activity of medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine

Rohanova H. A.Shirinyan L. V.  Assessing the efficiency of cash flow management at food industry enterprises by using the discriminant function

Khaustova V. E.Mushnikova S. A.  Diversification and integration: the dominant role in enterprise development in the neotechnological environment

Arefieva O. V.Poberezhna Z. M.  Organizational and economic support of anti-crisis management of business processes in the implementation of reengineering activities

Prokhorova V. V.Zalutska H. Ya.  Cross-functional business processes at an enterprise as the basis of management innovation system in terms of strategic development

Tryfonova O. V.Baranets H. V.  On business cycle of industrial enterprises