Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2014 №4 (48)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Structural and social evaluation aspects of proportionality and disproportionality in economy
Author:Shynkaruk L. V.
Annotation:The categorical apparatus describing the proportionality and disproportionality of country’s development is studied. Imbalances as to depth and level of economic development are classified. The proportionality of economic development as the ratio between its individual elements – production, distribution, exchange and consumption – is characterized. Incommensurability of indicators characterizing the economy structure and its macroeconomic proportions by international organizations and statistical databases is pointed out. It is emphasized that quantitative indicators of structural analysis is not always objective, and does not fully reflect the socio-economic condition of countries with different development levels. 
Keywords:Globalization, Disproportional, Resynchronizations, Economic system, Structural proportions, Synchronization, Structure of economy, Proportionality
File of the article:EV20144_071-078.pdf