Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2008 №4 (24)


Pylypenko Y. I.  Cyclic Nature of Technological Transformation in National Economy

Pylypenko G. M.  Categorized Conception of Institute: Problems and Perspectives of Institutional Theory

Khodjayan A. O.  Competitiveness as social and economic concept and category

Dzyaduk T. V.  The New Stage in Economic System Development: Plurality of Definitions

Mishyn Y. R.  Social Justice and Social Partnership under Social and Economic System Transformation

Oleksienko R. Y.  Basic Forms of Transformation in Relations and Ownership for Subjects of Customs Regulation

Pikhotina L. M.  Theoretical Models of Social Policy and Its Practical Implementation in Advanced Countries

Voloshenyuk L. V.Alekseenko D. D.  Opinion Evolution On Property Rights System

Vakul’chyk O. M.Stupniker G. L.  Value Definition of the Intellectual Capital as the Innovative Activity Factor for Enterprises of Mining and Metallurgical Sector

Drachuk Y. Z.Gusak A. S.Kocheshkova I. M.Eremenko O. M.  Managerial and Economic Mechanisms of Innovations in coal mining sector


Metelenko N. G.  Backgrounds for Internal Commercial Mechanism Development to Satisfy Effectiveness of Industrial Enterprises in Market Conditions

Korkhin A. S.Avdyuschenko A. S.  Estimation of economic position of an enterprise and its control on the basis of aggregated criterion

Szlusarczyk B.  Preconditions of Firms’ Competitiveness in Modern Market Economy

Komarnyts’kyi I. M.Pytulyak N. S.  Warehouses Organization Process as a Factor of Firm Logistics

Ostapenko A. V.  Non-tangible Assets in Innovative Firm Development

Ryabtseva N. V.Alsuf’eva O. O.  National Innovative System as a Form of Innovative Activity Institutionalization

Shayshkova N. L.  Perspectives of derivatives in Ukraine


Varlamova I. S.Prushkivs’ka E. V.  Ecological Management Effectiveness at Metallurgical Plants

Bardas A. V.Tsabegey N. V.  Ecological Audit As A Precondition For Issuing Ecological Passports For Ukrainian Coal Mines


Tatomir I. L.  Development of Labour Stimulation Forms and Methods


Tytarenko T. B.  Matters and Principles of Regional Policy of Education Market Development in Ukraine

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