Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Management

2023 №2 (82)

Papizh Yu. S.Kosolapov A. F.Yudenko V. V.Kozarevych S. V.  Management of energy industry enterprises based on the sustainable development concept

Bardas A. V.Avramenko O. O.  Use of agile methodology for project management in banking organizations

2023 №1 (81)

Savchenko M. V.Vyshnevskyi V. Yu.  Ways of improving the efficiency of risk management in the context of integrated risk assessment of electricity industry enterprises

Bardas A. V.Avramenko O. O.  Risk management in the strategic planning of the banking organizations activities under force majeure conditions

Bardas A. V.Bardas O. Ye.Bogach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.  Leadership as a factor of group dynamics within the organization

Boichenko M. V.Boiarkin M. O.  Innovations in foreign trade management under pre-war neo protectionism conditions

2022 №4 (80)

Baranets H. V.Hrebenko D. O.Klodchyk O. O.  Specifics of anti-crisis management of Ukrainian mining and steel enterprises in the conditions of military aggression

Spitsyna A. Ye.  Competitiveness of the transport industry personnel of Ukraine in the conditions of european integration

Bielopolsky M. H.Khadzhynova O. V.Bessonova A. V.  Theoretical and methodological principles of the personnel potential management system

2022 №3 (79)

Spitsyna A. Ye.  Mechanism for implementation of adaptive management of staff in the transport industry

Petrovska S. I.Haidai H. H.Levchuk N. M.Lavryk H. I.  Meta-analysis of the results of researching the quality of city passenger transportation

Rudenko D. O.  Evolution of project management concepts in the context of agile management in IT-organizations

Baranets H. V.  Provision of transparency of supply chains in the context of achieving sustainable development goals

2022 №2 (78)

Kharin S. A.Papizh Yu. S.Yudenko V. V.Kozarevych S. V.  Integral model of decarbonization management in the context of sustainable development concept

Ivanova M. I.Dudnyk A. V.Yashkina H. V.Zaiets N. M.  Modern methods for selecting a supplier as a necessary component of effective enterprise management

Bardas A. V.Boichenko M. V.Bohach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.  Project management of «unicorn» companies under digitalization conditions

2021 №4 (76)

Shvets V. Ya.Dubiei Yu. V.  Management of innovative potential of Ukrainian industrial enterprises

Bardas A. V.Bogach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.Kazymyrenko O. V.  Evolution of verbal instruments of management communication in the context of the concept of diglossia

2021 №3 (75)

Kuvaieva T. V.  The behavioral features of sustainable value chains in industry

Dreshpak N. S.  Adaptation of the model of sustainable energy management at industrial enterprises

Paliekhova L. L.  Benchmarking strategy for planning sustainable development of an enterprise in industrial value chains

2021 №2 (74)

Terekhov Ye. V.Shapoval V. A.Litvinov Yu. I.  Resource management of industrial regions

Arefieva O. V.Arefiev S. O.  Leadership potential in strategic management of business adaptivity

2021 №1 (73)

Hryniuk O. S.Solosich O. S.  Integration of approaches of anti-crisis management theory into the management system of economic security of the enterprise

Shvets L. V.Komchatnykh O. V.Haidai H. G.  Activation of personnel innovative activity in a competitive environment

Smiesova V. L.Dudka A. S.Dmitrieva A. O.  Digitalization in project management and electronic commerce

Bondarenko L. A.  Management of sustainable development of medical and health-improving tourism in Ukraine

2020 №4 (72)

Trishyn F. A.Krupitsa I. V.Bairachna O. K.Shvediuk K. H.  Analysis of the attractiveness of gastronomy tourism in Ukraine and odessa region

Pryimak N. S.Nikolaichuk O. A.Olinichenko I. V.  Development of enterprises of hotel and restaurant business in Dnepropetrovsk oblast and directions of effective organization of hotel facilities in the region

Krynychko L. R.Krinichko F. R.Petrik S. M.  Stages of formation and implementation of public-private partnership projects in the field of healthcare

Bukreieva D. S.  Integral system of indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of an innovative project at the implementation stage

Tymoshenko L. V.Us S. A.  Cognitive modeling of management of entrepreneurial structure as an ecological and economic system

Pshinko O. M.Charkina T. Yu.Orlovskaya O. V.Carra A. O.  Anti-crisis management of passenger transport as a factor of increasing railway competitiveness

2020 №3 (71)

Arefieva O. V.Arefiev S. O.  Management of organizational culture and development as a basis of stable enterprise activity

Musienko V. O.Zinchenko M. E.  Risk-management technology as an element of the economic security system of a business entity

2019 №4 (68)

Obruch H. V.  Mentoring implementation concept in the management system of personnel development of railway transport enterprises

Shapoval V. A.Litvinov Yu. I.  Coherence of economic interests of the territorial community and local mining business

Kolosok V. M.Lazarevskaya Yu. A.  Management of communications in the internet environment to promote logistics business

2019 №1 (65)

Tryfonova O. V.Baranets G. V.  Application of process approach to identifying the problem of distribution activities of an industrial enterprise

Petrunia V. Yu.Petrunia Yu. Ye.  Consumer behavior of private households in the context of social and management interests

2018 №2 (62)

Tymoshenko L. V.Hryshanina O. O.Kasyanenko L. V.  Management of human resource provision of enterprises in Ukraine

Vengerskaya N. S.Chernomaz K. G.  Influence of culture on negotiation style: theoretical and practical aspect

2018 №1 (61)

Shapoval V. M.Herasymenko T. V.Shpak M. V.  Management of tourism development (on the example of Dnepropetrovsk oblast)

Pitsur Ya. S.Cherchenko O. L.  Labour motivation and stimulation in personnel management

Makarenko S. M.Kazakova T. S.Prokopchuk O. D.  Improving employees motivation to professional development at higher educational institutions

2017 №2 (58)

Volosheniuk V. V.  Problems with managing science in the context of ukraine’s advancement to the model of sustainable economic development

Kabachenko D. V.  Management decision taking under uncertainty and risk

2016 №2 (54)

Shapoval V. A.Bondarenko L. A.  Development of management principles for creating the innovative model of domestically produced dump trucks

Tryfonova O. V.Lytvynenko N. I.  Influence of institutional environment on the formation of a national model management

2016 №1 (53)

Al-Ababneh Hassan. Ali.  Determination of efficiency of modern advertising

Arefiev S. O.  Management of dynamic capabilities of enterprises structural transformations

Baranets H. V.  Development of approaches to the estimate of logistic fixed assets in the system of enterprise management analysis

2015 №4 (52)

Kovalchuk K. F.Kozenkova N. P.Kozenkova V. D.  Using of fuzzy logic elements in system of financial control

Dovbnya S. B.Pysmenna O. O.  Theoretical grounding and developing of strategic goal hrmanagement

Yatsentiuk S. V.  Creation of an effective approach to the formation and development of brand equity on the basis of the «brand’s GAP» method

2015 №3 (51)

Rizun N. A.Gudim P. V.  Using the models of neural networks for making forecast of the securities pricing policy dynamics

Kovalchuk K. F.Kozenkova N. P.Kozenkova V. D.  Modern mechanisms of value-based management of industrial enterprise sustainable development

Bogusch I. A.Belodedov A. A.Burtsev A. A.  On the problem of responsible management of ore deposits

2014 №2 (46)

Shapoval E. A.  Simulation-based personnel management of a company

Shishkova N. L.Domaieva O. U.  Current approaches to company’s inventory management

2014 №1 (45)

Sinitsina Yu. P.Shportko A. Yu.  Modelling of personnel formation system of an industrial enterprise

Kramarenko A. V.  Analysis of personnel management efficiency based on integral index

Shapoval O. A.  Personnel policy formation management of catering enterprises on the basis of analyzing the labor movement

Turilo A. M.Zinchenko O. A.Turilo A. A.  Economical management as objective factor and realization of innovative process in science and practice

2013 №3 (43)

Synitsyna Yu. P.  Ways to increase the effectiveness of strategic management of iron ore raw materials reserves at a metallurgical enterprise

Vishnevska M. K.  Marketing cooperation as a valid mechanisms of cutting the project launch costs

Protasova E. V.  Model of assessing the influence of management’s decisions on the enterprise value

Pereverzeva G. V.  Role of nonfinancial incentives in modern management

2013 №2 (42)

Senyshyn O.Dzyubenko N.  Theoretical principles of food market

Shtapauk G.  Stratification of public preferences in the consumer market in the process of social equilibrium price policy formation

Shvetc V.Ivanova M.  Development of operational complex quality management system for engineering products

2013 №1 (41)

Bujak A.  Modern logistics and contemporary supply chain management

Faizova S.  Pre-conditions of the balanced management enterprise forming in Ukrainian metallurgical industry

Shvets V.Lozinskiy I.  Provisions for the maintenance of the Ukrainian coal mines capacity

2012 №4 (40)

Khatser M. V.  Issues of corporate governance in Ukraine

Tokarski M.Voss G.  Motivation programs for employees – accounting approach under IFRS 2: share-based payments

2012 №3 (39)

Yagnyuk I. M.  Management of social potential of a company

2012 №2 (38)

Ponomarenko P. I.Tarasenko V. A.  Improvement of motivational function of the existing system of wages of drilling crews using the shifts method

Rekova N. Y.  Methodological support of system of corporate conflicts management

Zaitseva N. V.  Methodical basis of human capital of the company

2012 №1 (37)

Skrypnyk O. A.  System of indexes of the informative providing the managerial processes on the enterprise

Plakhotnik O. O.  Directions of reformation of managing the multilevel production structures

Vorotyntsev V. A.  Motivation peculiarities of the investment mechanism performance

Dovbnya S. B.  Managerial techniques of the innovative development of the enterprise

Metelenko N. G.  Organizational issues of management of share capital of the industrial enterprises

2011 №4 (36)

Stalins’ka O. V.Koverga S. V.Gaydatov O. V.  Basing the necessity for managing an enterprise on the basis of principles of the sustainable development

Andrienko V. M.  Conception of managing the informational supplying of an enterprise on the basis of the innovative business- processes

2011 №3 (35)

Ivanova M. O.Egorova N. O.  Using modern methods of personnel management on productive enterprises

2011 №2 (34)

Rybintsev V. O.Tsvily S. M.Bachurin D. A.  Creating the process management for industrial enterprise on the basis of business-processes

2011 №1 (33)

Polins’ky O. M.  Influence of economic risks of the strategic goals of an enterprise

2010 №4 (32)

Vasyluk S. V.  Development of human resources of enterprises under maintaining the social-economic efficiency of its activity

Sadchenko O. V.Gogol M. M.  Aspects of improvement of managerial accounting under vertical integration and clusterisation of business

Golovkova L. S.  Strategy of development of corporations on the basis of intellectual capital

2010 №3 (31)

Gerasymova O. L.Lysenko Y. V.  Developing the criteria of optimizing the managerial decisions under the concept of sustainable development

Parshin Y. I.  Methodological aspects of examining the enterprises of the mining industry

Bolduyev M. V.  Organization of the strategic managerial accounting

2010 №2 (30)

Radzivilo I. V.  Innovation crisis: mechanisms to prevent and overcome

Bolduyev M. V.  Fractals of space and time as objects of strategic management accounting

Metelenko N. G.  Formation of system of internal documentation in conditions of process infrastructure of industrial enterprise

2010 №1 (29)

Radzivilo I. V.  Theoretical approaches to defining the innovation crisis and crisis of innovative development of an enterprise

Golovina Y. S.  Influence of corporate management on the economic growth

Kucher M. V.Zaporozhets` G. V.  Projecting the operational system on the basis of use of organizational reserves

2009 №4 (28)

Ponomarenko O. P.  Results of researches of necessities of mining workers

2009 №3 (27)

Andrushkiv B. M.Palianytsia V. A.  Financial and currency risks as a part of strategy of machine-building enterprise

2009 №1 (25)

Varyanychenko O. V.Karasiova G. V.  ISO 9000 Standards: quality as a principle and fiduciary basis between producers and customers

Deeva N. E.  A Corporate management in the banks: specific, problems and ways of their decision

Pilets’ka S. T.  Strategic analysis of firm’s potential in grounding its strategy of economic development

2008 №4 (24)

Tatomir I. L.  Development of Labour Stimulation Forms and Methods

2008 №3 (23)

Bilov G. O.  Some aspects of methodology to avoid raider attacks on a corporation

Kabanov A. I.Drachuk Y. Z.Kharchenko V. D.Eremenko O. M.Stuk M. R.  Principles of planning and organization of innovations at coal mines

Pavlenko I. I.Salli S. V.Tereschenko M. K.  Economic estimation of coal reserves in corporate mining conditions

Rogoza M. E.Vergal K. Y.  Theoretical aspects of building the model of strategic innovative development of business enterprise

2008 №1-2 (21-22)

Dovbnya S. B.Naydovs’ka A. O.  Methodical peculiarities of strategic oriented system of labour force motivation development

Grazhevska N. I.  System Risks of Ukrainian Economy Globalization

2007 №4 (20)

Galan N. I.  Information technologies in small and medium size businesses management: Advanced countries experience and possibilities of its adaptation in Ukraine

2007 №3 (19)

Kvasha O. S.  Organizing and Development the Potential of Management Personnel as Key Factors of Business

Turylo A. M.Svyatenko C. V.  Controlling as the System of Effective Business Units Management

2007 №2 (18)

Vyskochil V. K.  Facility Management – Effeсtive Management of Supportive Processes

Kolomoets’ D. O.  National Custom Legislation as the Basis of Structural Changes in Control System over the Foreign Trade

Gushko S. V.Turylo A. A.  Improving Analytical Work in a System of Planning the Industrial Enterprise Strategic Development

2007 №1 (17)

Grosheleva O. G.Ryabtseva O. E.  Consideration of new approaches in estimation of managerial staff

Litovchenko B. V.  Formalization of organization knowledge in the strategy of development

Smirnov V. V.Klymenko O. O.  Modified system of balanced scorecards as the synthesis of existing strategic managerial tools

Ruchaevs’kyi D. O.  Revelation the psychological peculiarity in professional activity of transport logistic specialist

Kolomiets V. M.  Mechanism of enterprises’ staff competitiveness development

Turilo A. M.Korolenko R. V.  Economical problems of management labor potential at ore dressing enterprises

2006 №4 (16)

Ponomarenko O. P.  Structure Of Coal Mining Divisions Managers’ Needs And Its Priority

Kibkalo M. M.  Methodological Fundaments Of Control Over Coal Mines Effectiveness

Bersuts’kyi A. Y.  Potential Of The Market And Its Influence On The Strategic Management Of Enterprise

2006 №3 (15)

Korol’ G. O.Trush Y. T.  Approach to formulation of mission of an enterprise on the example of the gas-supplying enterprises

2006 №2 (14)

Lopatovs’kyi V. G.  Peculiarities of interrelations between risks on the modem stage o f development of domestic economy

Shapoval V. M.  Levels of social responsibility of entrepreneurship

Shpankovska N. G.Korol’ G. O.Kovalchuk K. F.Kostanets’kyi V. V.  Components of the analytical culture of specialists

Palekhova L. L.  Forming the development strategy of industrial enterprises in conditions of globalization

2006 №1 (13)

Trushkina N. V.  Improvement of organizational structure of management of logistic activity of coal mining

Yevdokimov F. I.Gubs’ka M. V.  Social capital of the enteiprise: methods of measuring

Smirnov V. V.Klimenko O. O.  Increasing the competitiveness of ironore mining-concentration complex by the improvement of forms of organization of service branches

Goncharov V. M.Larin O. V.  Diagnostic of uncertain environment

Bardas A. V.  Optimization of resources usage on the coal­ mining enterprises on the bases of including the internal entropy connections

2005 №4 (12)

Bardas A. V.  To the questions of assessment of entropy of economic mіnі-systems

2005 №3 (11)

Chernykh O. O.  Mechanism of auditing and management of development of informational inafrastructure of industrial enterprise

Madykh A. A.  Modeling the elasticity of adopted productive- economical systems

Lepa R. M.  Evaluation of expediency of management decision implementation on the enterprise

Mints A. Y.Petrachkova O. L.  Reflexive process in the system producer-customer-competitor

Kucher V. A.  Improvement of mechanism of management on industrial enterprise

Usatenko O. V.Grosheleva O. G.  Theoretical aspects of evaluation of competitiveness of management staff

2005 №2 (10)

Kopnin V. M.  Methodological analysis of problems and forming the risk management programs on the coal-mining enterprises

Bardas A. V.  Role of intercultural connections in elaboration of effective management strategies on joint venture enterprises

Didyk L. M.Grivko O. R.  Problems of improving the management process on the modern enterprise

2005 №1 (9)

Soloviova L. O.  Transformation to the new-quality level of organization of sendee for enterprises - taxpayers

Konishcheva N. I.Trushkina N. V.  Propositions on creation of specialized structural division on logistic activity management on mining enterprise

Karmazin V. Y.  Analysis of possibility of usage of balanced indexes system in non-profitable mining-metallurgical enterprises management in Ukraine

Semencha I. Y.  Role of personality in professional activity of manager

2004 №4 (8)

Sokols’ka R. B.Zayats Y. I.Zelikman V. D.  Methodic of information flows determining, which need to be optimized

Ponomarenko P. I.Boiko V. V.Sukhun Yan.  Quantitative estimation of the labor motivation on the basis of “motivation stair” of McKinsey

2004 №2 (6)

Kulynych T. V.  The importance of personnel evaluation in the motivation system of an enterprise

Sumin V. O.  The paracommumcative activity of an official functionary of the management system

Ponomarenko V. A.Dovbnya S. B.  The methodical principles of anti-crisis plant management

2004 №1 (5)

Kalyuzhna N. H.  The model of interconnections between the characteristics of the organizational structure of the enterprise’s managerial system

Sapytska I. K.  The managerial innovations applied at the Donbas coal mines

Usatenko O. V.Grosheleva O. H.  Determining the motivating factors of the top management of coal mines as a guarantee of their successful operation

2003 №4 (4)

Semenov H. A.Astrakhantseva O. V.  Conceptual approaches to the production of a company’s inventor}' by means of logistics

2003 №3 (3)

Yakovenko O. A.  Working out the plant management organization to ensure the effective expenditure control

Usatenko O. V.Grosheleva O. G.  The role of tools of strategic management for small business

2003 №2 (2)

Полякова Е. І.  Перспективи розвитку менеджменту охорони праці в умовах трансформації ринкової економіки

2003 №1 (1)

Usatenko O. V.Moiseyev A. S.  The choice and substantiation of the competition strategy for mines of the state holding company “Pavlogradvugillya”