Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2006 №1 (13)

Khodzhayan A. O.  Modern problems of development of investment market of Ukraine

Adoniev Y. O.  Investing the implementation of power-saving technologies on the enterprises of agriculture complex as a factor of declining of costs on goods of agriculture

Solianik L. G.  Optimization of parameters of inventories management on the industrial enterprise

Lazebnik L. L.Prushkivs’ka E. V.  Objective preconditions for usage of financial relations for centralized influence on the economic system

Abernikhina I. G.  Theoretical bases of the insurance defense of the enterprise

Danchenko O. Y.  Comparison of budgeting methods: traditional, flexible and activity based

Chernenko N. O.  Management of basic elements of current assets


Verkhogliadova N. L.Stenicheva I. B.Golovko L. S.  Ecology as a factor of increasing of competitiveness of domestic producer in aspects of small business development


Bardas A. V.  Optimization of resources usage on the coal­ mining enterprises on the bases of including the internal entropy connections

Goncharov V. M.Larin O. V.  Diagnostic of uncertain environment

Smirnov V. V.Klimenko O. O.  Increasing the competitiveness of ironore mining-concentration complex by the improvement of forms of organization of service branches

Yevdokimov F. I.Gubs’ka M. V.  Social capital of the enteiprise: methods of measuring

Trushkina N. V.  Improvement of organizational structure of management of logistic activity of coal mining


Chyrychenko Y. V.  Problems of forecasting of development of agricultural complex of Ukraine in context of usage the neuron networks

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