Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Econometrics in management decision making

2020 №3 (71)

Lebedeva V. K.Savchuk L. N.Kovalchuk A. K.Savchuk R. V.  Economic and mathematical modeling of the sustainable economic development processes

2020 №1 (69)

Demydenko M. A.Kabachenko D. V.  Economic models of optimal enterprise production output strategy

Kozenkova V. D.  Modeling of assessment indicators of intangible assets of industrial enterprises

2019 №2 (66)

Pistunov I. M.  Optimization of costs for the purchase of details for the repair of equipment at «PLC» plant of biosphere corporation

Demydenko M. A.Churikanova O. Yu.  Economic-mathematical model for determining the optimal prices for producers of raw materials and processing enterprises

2016 №4 (56)

Kirilenko O. M.  Methodological approach to the calculation of discount rate as a component of transport efficiency criterion on low-traffic lines

Shynkarenko N. V.  Model of decision making process of industrial enterprise participation in the exhibition with regard to consumer demand

2016 №2 (54)

Vagonova A. G.Volotkovska Yu. O.  Economic-mathematical model of optimizing mineral extraction from spoil bank rocks

2016 №1 (53)

Teneta V. M.  Definition of investment risks based on neuro fuzzy modeling

2014 №2 (46)

Streltsova E. D.Bogomyagkova I. V.Streltsov V. S.  Agent-oriented models in the system of decision support on interbudgetary regulation management

Pistunov I. M.Pistunov M. I.  Likelihood of loan default persons that have no credit history

2013 №4 (44)

Timoshenko L. V.Us S. A.  Optimization of raw materials supplies at industrial enterprise under the condition of noncomplete information

Kovalchuk K. F.Nikitenko O. A.  Knowledge Mining technology for financial markets forecasting

2013 №3 (43)

Kovalchuk K. F.Polushenko V. A.  Model of assessing client’s trust to insurance company

2013 №1 (41)

Sivoplyas Y.Mironenko N.  Development of practical tools of innovation management using polar profiles method

2012 №3 (39)

Nikolyuk O. M.  Peculiarities of use of mathematical modelling methods and evaluation of the enterprises competitiveness

2012 №2 (38)

Tituk V. K.Mikhaylenko O. J.Melnik O. J.  Investigation of the impact of the optimal process control peculiarities on the efficiency of genetic algorithm search for global extreme

2012 №1 (37)

Dron’ V. S.  Simulation of social-economic events by the method of condition-consequence decomposition

2011 №4 (36)

Bersuts’ky A. Y.  Simulation of diagnostics of the external environment in managing the balanced development of the resource potential of an enterprise

Mironova L. G.  Model of dynamic ranking of the staff in managing the human resource potential of an enterprise

Lepa R. M.Streblyans’ka I. A.  Game approach in planning the production activity of an enterprise

2011 №3 (35)

Erokhondina T. O.Shashenko O. O.  Economic and mathematical model of cost optimization in ustable market coal industry

2011 №2 (34)

Bersutskyy A. J.  Modeling diagnostic external environment in managing a balanced development of the resource potential of the company

Lepa R. M.Streblyanska I. A.  Game approach in planning production activity

2011 №1 (33)

Shukatko V. V.  Reflective management in insurance

2010 №4 (32)

Azarenkova G. M.Churylova O. A.  Simulation the financial stability of the modern enterprise

2010 №2 (30)

Netsvietayev V. A.  Optimal management of investment portfolios in view of profitability trends

2010 №1 (29)

Krasniuk M. T.Gafich O. I.  Simulation of risk of participation of investor in exploration of oil and gas projects

2008 №3 (23)

Bersuts’kyi A. Y.  Economic and mathematic model of additive production technology

Parshina O. A.  Research on industrial and economic system functioning in producing the competitive machinery products

2007 №4 (20)

Pistunov I. M.Churikanova O. Y.  Correlation analyses of investments’ types and their influence on a coal mine profitability

2007 №3 (19)

Salli V. I.Parshina O. A.  Classification of Decisions on the Basis of Cluster Analysis to Provide the Competitiveness of Machine Building Industry

2006 №4 (16)

Smirnov V. V.Klymenko O. O.  Application Of Models Of The Theory Of Mass Service For Systems Of Technical Repair And Service At Ore Dressing Enterprises

Boenko O. S.  Developing Schedules To Credit The Innovation Projects

2006 №3 (15)

Parshina O. A.  Investigation the process of fonnation of competitiveness of output of machine-building enterprises on the basis of neuron technologies

2006 №2 (14)

Veklenko A. V.Lisovenko M. M.  Optimization modeling the securities portfolio o f participant of stock m arket

2006 №1 (13)

Chyrychenko Y. V.  Problems of forecasting of development of agricultural complex of Ukraine in context of usage the neuron networks

2005 №4 (12)

Korol’ G. O.Zelikman V. D.Raspopova Y. O.  Economic-mathematical model of evaluation of influence of branches of production sections on the product qulity

2005 №3 (11)

Solomakha S. A.  Model of forming the, optimal dynamic backlog

2005 №2 (10)

Pistunov I. M.  Implementation of neuron nets to the economical process modeling

Zazimko A. I.Voronov V. A.  Organization and optimization of resource policy of mining enterprise in conditions of state enterprise “Krasnoarmiys’kvugillia”

2005 №1 (9)

Parshina O. A.Parshin Y. I.  Economic-mathematical simulation of manufacturing of mining machines of large engineering enterprise

2004 №4 (8)

Maneliuk L. A.Voronov V. A.  To the simulation of the scientific-technical progress

2004 №3 (7)

Zelikman V. D.Zayats Y. I.  The economical and mathematical model of optimizing the informational provision of the plant management system

2004 №2 (6)

Bandorina L. M.  An estimate of the introduction of informational and intellectual technologies with the use of the theory of ftizzy sets

Voronov V. A.Yukhymenko O. V.  On the automation for evaluating the reliability of credit terms feasibility

2004 №1 (5)

Voronov V. A.Churikanova O. Y.  The economic and organizational nature of striking the balance of metals in the mining and dressing production

2003 №4 (4)

Demydenko M. A.  An economic and mathematical model of multicriterion optimization with the use of evolutionary algorithms

Pistunov I. M.Sytnykov O. O.  An analysis of limits of optimal decisions for Markovits’s portfolio

2003 №2 (2)

Пістунов І. М., Пістунов М. І.  Побудова оптимального балансу на підставі фінансових коефіцієнтів

Кочура Є. В.  Оптимізація обсягів виробництва за допомогою моделі Неймана

2003 №1 (1)

Demydenko M. A.  The economic and mathematical model of the increase in efficiency of mine transport management

Kochura Y. V.  Management of closed economical systems by the method of dynamic programming