Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2007 №2 (18)

Pylypenko G. M.Chornobaev V. V.  The Enhancement of Government’s Regulation Efficiency in Innovations

Lyubchenko O. M.  The Principles of Creation the Regional Strategy of Social and Economic Development

Tovsta T. L.  Observations and Researches of the Current Situation with the Regional Output

Prushkivs’ka E. V.Bogma O. S.  Analysis of the Most Appropriate Clusters are to Create at the Zaporizzhya Region

Salli V. I.Petrenko D. O.  The Economic Simulation of the Limited Deposits Mining


Gerasymova I. Y.  The Technological Factors’ Influence on the Coal Miners’ Efficiency of Labour

Tryfonova O. V.Pavlenko A. M.  The Providing of Mining Enterprises’ Competitiveness on the Basement of Internal Reserves Utilization

Varyanychenko O. V.Illins’kyi V. V.  The Improvement of the Complex Estimation of Coal Mine Output Efficiency

Shvets’ V. Y.Opanasova G. V.  The Organizational Structure of Corporate Investment Trusts in Ukraine: theoretical aspects

Ivchenko L. V.  The Improvement of Discounts Calculation at the Trade Enterprises

Bobkova O. O.  The Analyses of Intangible Assets Evaluation Methods


Prokopenko V. I.Terekhov E. V.  System Approach Application in Simulation of Economical and Organizational Control Over the Lands of Mining Allotment

V’yun V. G.Gaydaenko O. M.  Theoretical Aspects of Control over the Recreational Territories’ Development and Creation


Gushko S. V.Turylo A. A.  Improving Analytical Work in a System of Planning the Industrial Enterprise Strategic Development

Kolomoets’ D. O.  National Custom Legislation as the Basis of Structural Changes in Control System over the Foreign Trade

Vyskochil V. K.  Facility Management – Effeсtive Management of Supportive Processes

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