Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2003 №3 (3)


Pylypenko G. M.  Evolution of the market equilibrium theory and adjustment mechanism in the modem economy

Chekushyna Y. V.  Modem tendencies in the world labor market and Ukrainian reality (review of scientific works)

Shlyusarchyk B.  The demand-and-supply prerequisites in modem theories of foreign trade

Dyachkova I. V.  The world coal market: condition, tendencies of its development and the outlooks of Ukrainian exporters

Salli V. I.Chmykhun V. O.  Increasing the efficiency of investment processes at inefficient coal mines


Dereza V. M.  Diversification of production and capital and the evaluation of its effectiveness

Gerasymova I. Y.  Influence of the concentration of production on labor productivity o f coal m iners

Lyashenko V. I.  Ways of forming favorable conditions for the development of small business in Ukraine

Yermoshkina O. V.  Creating the system of financial flow management of an enterprise in the market conditions

Solyanyk L. G.  Effective current assets management - a key control-lever for improving the results of financial and economic activity of an enterprise

Konovalyuk V. I.  Problems o f forming the system o f taxation of monopolies in the extractive industry

Shyshkova N. L.  Improving the analytical stage of preparing for sanitation


Drachuk Y. Z.  The mechanism of evaluating the efficiency of scientific and technical measures with regard to the ecology in the coal production


Usatenko O. V.Grosheleva O. G.  The role of tools of strategic management for small business

Yakovenko O. A.  Working out the plant management organization to ensure the effective expenditure control

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