Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2010 №3 (31)


Gurnak O. V.  Concept formation of evolutionary model of tax system development

Zaloznova Y. S.  Creation of industrial agreement in context of providing the quality of human resource management of coal mining enterprises

Goroshkova L. A.  Correlation of globalization processes in the global and domestic metallurgical industry


Turylo A. M.Kapitula S. V.  Providing the competitiveness of enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine by assessment of their financial security

Sapytska I. K.  Basic directions of diversification of coal mines of Donbass

Dereza V. M.Zhydenko M. V.  Creation of possible alternatives of diversification of the enterprise

Nykyforova Y. V.  Theoretical approaches to determining the indexes of dynamics of development of the industrial enterprise under conditions of globalization: critical analysis

Yermoshkina O. V.Alekseenko T. V.Fedorenko O. D.  Institutional aspects of activity of financial-industrial groups in Ukraine

Bolduyeva O. V.  Role and order of development of emission policy of the enterprise

Radzivilo I. V.  Financial tools of overcoming the crisis of innovative development of industrial enterprises


Rybalchenko S. M.  Scientific-methodical approaches to creation of ecologically oriented strategy of development of the enterprises in the system of strategic regional management


Bolduyev M. V.  Organization of the strategic managerial accounting

Parshin Y. I.  Methodological aspects of examining the enterprises of the mining industry

Gerasymova O. L.Lysenko Y. V.  Developing the criteria of optimizing the managerial decisions under the concept of sustainable development

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