Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2013 №2 (42)


Kolesnikov D. V.  Essence of synergy and classification of its types in the vertically-integrated structure investigation

Lytvynenko N.  Economic freedom and socio-economic development of the state

Prushkivska E.  Role of architectonics laws in formation of sector structure of Economy

Pilipenko Y.  Determinants of innovative economic development of Ukraine

Zavhorodnia O.  Motivational basics of the innovation dynamic

Bilotserkivets W.  Market of new economy production: transformation curves of demand and supply

Leonidov I.  Basics of intellectual product appropriation research methodology

Chekushina Y.  Peculiarities of intellectual labor market mechanisms

Voloshenyuk V.Chernobaiev V.  Peculiarities of venture capital regulation in Ukraine

Riabtseva N.Alsufieva O.  About mechanism of economic interest reconciliation in innovative macroeconomic system


Tymoshenko L.  Ecological and economic aspects of recycling: European and Ukrainian experience


Drachuk Y.Trushkina N.  Institutional support of the industrial enterprises’ innovative development

Vagonova O.Kasianenko L.  Calculation of avoided expenses through introduction of failure preventive measures

Safin K.Sołtysiak A.  Financial strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland

Hetmanchuk A.Sucholinski A.  Global financial crisis as a symptom of the market economy turbulences in the 21st century

Swat B.  Institutional and regulatory dimension of the financial system safety

Gluchkowski J.  Preparation of the financial and non-financial sector to the euro adoption

Gutsalova J.  Model of Pension fund budget revenues forecast (Dnipropetrovsk region)


Shvetc V.Ivanova M.  Development of operational complex quality management system for engineering products

Shtapauk G.  Stratification of public preferences in the consumer market in the process of social equilibrium price policy formation

Senyshyn O.Dzyubenko N.  Theoretical principles of food market

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