Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2005 №2 (10)

V’yiun V. G.Krayniy V. O.  Complex analysis of activity and development of international transportations in the region on the modem stage

Bondarenko A. Y.Snisarenko S. G.Sharov O. I.  Organization-economical mechanism of energy saving

Ascheulova O. M.  Fixed assets of production on geological organizations of Ukraine and efficiency of its usage


Sakhartseva I. I.Spivak V. K.  Methodology of evaluation of operational activity results

Kaira Z. S.  Theoretical perspectives and factors of efficiency of strategic alliances

Gamolin A. V.Kovalchuk K. F.  Optimization of bank’s credit portfolio

Podderiogin A. M.Naumova L. Y.  Financial stability of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises: problems and directions of their securing

Zadoya A. O.Tkachenko I. P.  Financial monitoring: perspectives of introduction and problems of realization

Solianik L. G.  Credit policy as an instrument of debt management on enterprise

Ponomarenko O. P.  Concept of economical stability


Didyk L. M.Grivko O. R.  Problems of improving the management process on the modern enterprise

Bardas A. V.  Role of intercultural connections in elaboration of effective management strategies on joint venture enterprises

Kopnin V. M.  Methodological analysis of problems and forming the risk management programs on the coal-mining enterprises


Kravchenko V. M.  Methods of regulation and evaluation of co­ operation of enterprises in supplement chain


Zazimko A. I.Voronov V. A.  Organization and optimization of resource policy of mining enterprise in conditions of state enterprise “Krasnoarmiys’kvugillia”

Pistunov I. M.  Implementation of neuron nets to the economical process modeling

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