Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2005 №3 (11)


Chornobaev V. V.  Motivation mechanism of investment decision making: evolution of views and its adaptation to modem conditions in Ukraine

Karmazin V. Y.Lobachova N. V.  Analysis of conditions of goal setting mechanism forming under restructuring of enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine


Salli V. I.Varianichenko O. V.  Economical aspects of maintaining the unprofitable mines, where the coal of deficit types is mined

Dotcenko O. Y.  Forming the effective wage system on the enterprise

Trifonova O. V.  Level of concentration of mine work as a measuring instrument of investing attractiveness of mines

Solianik L. G.  New approaches to debt management on the industrial enterprise

Yermoshkina O. V.  Usage of the system-goal approach to building the financial flow system of the enterprise

Titova N. A.Karnaukhova Y. V.  Usage of financial leverage effect in structure and capital profitability management of the enterprise

Rekova N. Y.Moiseenko K. Y.Vil’chevs’ka K. V.  Leasing operations as a perspective form of investments of enterprises in Ukraine


Usatenko O. V.Grosheleva O. G.  Theoretical aspects of evaluation of competitiveness of management staff

Kucher V. A.  Improvement of mechanism of management on industrial enterprise

Mints A. Y.Petrachkova O. L.  Reflexive process in the system producer-customer-competitor

Lepa R. M.  Evaluation of expediency of management decision implementation on the enterprise

Madykh A. A.  Modeling the elasticity of adopted productive- economical systems

Chernykh O. O.  Mechanism of auditing and management of development of informational inafrastructure of industrial enterprise


Okhten’ O. O.  Analysis of approaches to the competitiveness management


Solomakha S. A.  Model of forming the, optimal dynamic backlog

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