Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2006 №3 (15)

Ischenko M. I.  Revelation of factors of assistance of join functioning of enterprises in extract-concentrate complex

Shatyriova A. S.  Assessment of value of mineral water deposits of Ukraine (methodological aspect)


Prokopenko V. I.Lopatina O. C.  Analysis and evaluation of efficiency of repairing the technological equipment on the manganese quarries

Piskova Z. V.  Structural schemes of production material flows of metallurgical manufacture

Kravchuk N. V.  Peculiarities of organization of initial and analytical accounting of inventories in conditions of mine-extract enterprises of Ukraine

Lobachova N. V.  Forming the system of balanced production communications in corporate associations

Masalab R. M.Sychova L. T.  Factors of stocks’ investing attractiveness

Kovalchuk K. F.Mezernyak D. A.Shpankovs’ka N. G.Kostanets’kyi V. V.  Budgeting in process of management structures reorganization and delegation the authorities

Remniova L. M.Lavrov R. V.  Investment-innovative activity of an enterprise as an object of financial management

Belozertsev V. S.  Conceptual basis of credit policy on the enterprises of Ukraine

Bondar Y. A.  Leading the analogies of internal and external audit of economic subjects

Shvets’ V. Y.  Accounting-analytical securing of investments on the market of antiques

Semenov V. V.Gamolin A. V.  Peculiarities of analysis of efficiency of activity for corporate structures

Gres’ N. L.Zhadan Y. M.  Organization of accounting of automobile trunks movement of the enterprise


Korol’ G. O.Trush Y. T.  Approach to formulation of mission of an enterprise on the example of the gas-supplying enterprises


Bakhanova M. V.  Peculiarities of use of marketing complex and its concepts in banking


Parshina O. A.  Investigation the process of fonnation of competitiveness of output of machine-building enterprises on the basis of neuron technologies

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