Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2014 №1 (45)


Zukhba O. M.  Institutional regulation of pension transfers: international experience and challenges for Ukraine

Yakovenko L. I.  Modernization of higher education – the socio-economic context

Prushkivska O. V.Balastrik L. O.  The impact of incomes on the formation of the domestic consumer market in the post-crisis period

Krupskiy O. P.  Organizational culture: nature, types, peculiarities of implementation in Ukraine

Andreychikova A. M.  The evolution of views on the risk problem in economics

Letucha O. V.Letucha A. A.  Ways to overcome the economic crisis in Ukraine

Prushkivskiy V. G.Kutsenko V. I.  The laws of development and self-preservation in agriculture

Ishchenko M. I.Nusinov V. Ya.  Theoretical fundamentals of estimating the results of activity of enterprises associated with changes in their financial condition

Kadermeeva D. S.  Peculiarities of operation and public efficiency of the electric-power industry of Ukraine

Vashchenko A. A.  Effectiveness of production-economy activity in management mechanism of industrial enterprises


Dovbnya S. B.Razgonyaeva T. M.  Financing Optimization as a Way of Increasing Enterprise Financial Stability

Boyko V. V.Budynska O. Yu.  Organizational and economic management mechanism of minimizing immobilized assets invested in materials of machine-building enterprise

Pozhuyeva T. O.  Controlling as a successful method of industrial enterprise functioning

Tereshchenko M. K.  Certain aspects of improving accounts, evaluation and audit of receivables of enterprises


Terekhov E. V.  Purpose management of lands disturbed by open pit mining operations as one of the aspects of sustainable development of technogenic are

Safronov S. O.  Social and economic effects of interaction between anthropogenic and natural subsystems of a city

Zhykalyak M. V.  Efficient annuity policies in extraction of energy resources


Turilo A. M.Zinchenko O. A.Turilo A. A.  Economical management as objective factor and realization of innovative process in science and practice

Shapoval O. A.  Personnel policy formation management of catering enterprises on the basis of analyzing the labor movement

Kramarenko A. V.  Analysis of personnel management efficiency based on integral index

Sinitsina Yu. P.Shportko A. Yu.  Modelling of personnel formation system of an industrial enterprise


Reshetilova T. B.Nikolaeva V. K.  Formation of marketing communications of industrial enterprises to advance innovation goods on the basis of consumer demand individualization

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