Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2008 №1-2 (21-22)


Amosha O. I.Ivanov E. T.  Power indicators of economic growth

Kovtunenko V. O.  Economic Risks in Formation and Development of “New” Middle Class in Ukraine

Pylypenko Y. I.  Knowledge and information as factors of modern technological organization of society

Bardas A. V.Gorbenko O. A.  On the problem of estimation the perspectives of Ukrainian membership in World trade organization in context of economic globalization

Proschalykina A. M.  The peculiarities of Innovations development in transformational economies


Kotlyarenko D. V.  To the question of forecasting the volumes of power consumption in big industrial centres

Alekseev I. V.Viblyi P. I.  Express analyses of the efficiency of creation the vertical integrated structures

Gudz’ P. V.  Efficiency determination on import operation at industrial enterprise

Kulyk Y. R.  Preparatory stage for functional and cost analyses to optimize the business system

Metelenko N. G.  Research on economic systems transformation to develop the internal economic mechanism of industrial enterprises

Chernykh O. V.  The content and importance of social investment policy in firm’s activity

Zhovtanets’kyi N. O.  Venture Investment Risks Classification

Lemishko O. O.  The Perspectives of Effective Financial Mechanism Development for Innovations’ Implementation in Ukrainian Firms


Bardas A. V.  Ecological and Economic Consequences of Abandoned Coal Reserves Mining

Nikolaev Y. O.Nikitko V. I.  The development of ecological and economic management system at national enterprises


Grazhevska N. I.  System Risks of Ukrainian Economy Globalization

Dovbnya S. B.Naydovs’ka A. O.  Methodical peculiarities of strategic oriented system of labour force motivation development


Sichko S. M.  Brand as the modern business tool

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