Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2010 №2 (30)

Rybintsev V. O.Mykhailyk D. P.Tsvily S. M.  Organization of public-private partnership in Zaporizhzhia area

Dotsenko O. Y.  Forming the innovative structure of the region as an element of the regional innovative system


Yevdokimov F. I.Borodina O. O.  Indicative planning as a method of reproduction capacity planning of coal mine under uncertainty

Maltseva I. V.  The main areas of business planning activities of the private coal company

Gopkalo O. I.  The research resource potential of the industrial enterprise: methodological peculiarities

Romanenko L. F.Gorshkova Y. V.  Sources of financing of centralized security reserve funds of motor-transport security agency of Ukraine

Yermoshkina O. V.Tishkina V. S.  Formation of the financial strategy of the bank based on comparative evaluation of the parameters of optimization models

Matvienko S. V.  Impact of mission of commercial bank on its financial strategy

Bolduyeva O. V.  Securities as a mechanism of self- financing of enterprises in Ukraine and abroad


Arovina M. P.  Socio-economic aspects of recycling hazardous wastes in the industrial region

Ivanov A. M.V’yun V. G.Matviyenko A. V.  Space-territorial organization of recreational areas

Timoshenko L. V.  Assessment of efficiency of implementation of different methods of extraction: conceptual approach


Metelenko N. G.  Formation of system of internal documentation in conditions of process infrastructure of industrial enterprise

Bolduyev M. V.  Fractals of space and time as objects of strategic management accounting

Radzivilo I. V.  Innovation crisis: mechanisms to prevent and overcome


Netsvietayev V. A.  Optimal management of investment portfolios in view of profitability trends


Romanenko O. O.  Marketing communications and its connection with marketing activity of an enterprise

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