Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2018 №1 (61)


Prushkovskaya E. V.Yakubovsky S. A.  Economic development and role of science in modern society: theoretical-methodological context

Shynkaruk L. V.Baranovska I. V.Milman L. M.  Investment resources of households as a factor of economy modernization of Ukraine

Volosheniuk V. V.Chernobaev V. V.  World experience of use of science and innovations in promoting modern social and economic development

Fedorova N. E.  Perspectives and directions of using science to ensure the progressive social and economic development in Ukraine

Sarnatskiy O. P.Korchebniy R. S.  Development of economic integration processes in Latin America in 60-s – 80-s of the 20-th century

Kovalchuk K. F.Petrova L. V.  Theoretical issues of organizing tax administration

Herashchenko S. A.Kolotilo M. B.  Foreign direct investments in Ukraine in conditions of integration to the world economy

Gunko K. I.  Service function of customs authorities: theoretical analysis of potential

Korchynsky I. O.  Agrarian sphere: social-economic and organizationaltechnological construct from the point of view of architectonics

Hryshanina O. O.  Justification of investment decisions on implementation of innovative technologies of coal mining

Bondarchuk O. M.Temchenko H. V.Maksymova O. S.  Efficiency optimization of industrial mining companies activity

Ovchar P. A.Golubka S. M.  Strategy of automotive transport system development: contents and features of formation


Dubiei Yu. V.  Directions of efficient management of current assets of industrial enterprises

Solianyk L. H.  Financial levers of innovative development of Ukraine

Okunevych I. L.Hlivecka M. O.  Neobank: bubble or paradigm shift?

Razumova H. V.  Formation and implementation of local budgets on the example of Nikopol town


Makarenko S. M.Kazakova T. S.Prokopchuk O. D.  Improving employees motivation to professional development at higher educational institutions

Pitsur Ya. S.Cherchenko O. L.  Labour motivation and stimulation in personnel management

Shapoval V. M.Herasymenko T. V.Shpak M. V.  Management of tourism development (on the example of Dnepropetrovsk oblast)


Vagonova O. H.Argevichev D. V.  Economic evaluation of priority directions of possible use of uranium waste storage territory

Terekhov Ye. V.Litvinov Yu. I.  Development of ecological enterprise in conditions of use of technogenic land

Shapoval V. A.Mormul T. M.  Strategy of entrepreneurial use of reclamated land: international practices of economic development of local communities

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