Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2004 №3 (7)


Pylypenko G. M.Pikhotina L. M.  The mechanism of investing in the consumer sector of Ukraine

Buleyev I. P.Brukhovetska N. Y.  The role of cultural factors in the innovative development of enterprises

Dubnytsky V. I.  Marketing aspects of functioning the regional industrialism

Kabanov A. I.Neyenburg V. Y.Drachuk Y. Z.Zhogova I. V.  Ways of improving the system of technological and financial support of measures on reequipment of coal mines

Gulik T. V.  The choice of ways of restructuring the region’s mines on a multicriteria basis

Semenov A. H.  Structural and innovative restructuring of Ukraine’s economy: problems, outlooks, and priorities

Blyzky R. S.  Evaluating the efficiency of resource-saving technologies used in ferrous metallurgy

Loskutova Y. Y.Romanovsky I. H.  The mechanism of assessing a risk when making investment decisions


Kovalchuk K. F.Shpankovska N. G.Kostanetsky V. V.Mezernyak D. A.  Principles of budgeting in the conditions of reforming the system of corporate management in metallurgy

Salyga K. S.  Social and economic wage regulation at industrial enterprises

Slabinsky Y. A.  Predictive management ensuring stability of an enterprise

Semenyuk V. S.  Evaluating the influence of the price factor on the production efficiency indices

Bryzhaty V. V.  Financial and investment risks of an enterprise as an emitter of fund tools

Petryk O. A.  Improvement of the postulates of auditing as an important direction of its theoretical development

Solovyova L. O.  Monitoring of the economic activity of an enterprise as a taxpayer


Nedodayeva N. L.Sholda O. O.Hrygoryuk M. Y.  Forming the mechanism of payments for the environmental contamination in Ukraine


Zelikman V. D.Zayats Y. I.  The economical and mathematical model of optimizing the informational provision of the plant management system


Savchuk V. P.Budayeva O. V.  Evaluating the efficiency of marketing programs under uncertainty

Bersutska O. A.  Modeling the communication processes in marketing

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