Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2005 №1 (9)


Pilipenko G. M.Chornobaiev V. V.  Evaluation mechanism of innovative development in Ukraine

Dovbnia S. B.Gulik T. V.  Methodical basis of restructuring of coal industrial enterprises

Savostenko T. O.Gritsaenko A. M.  Comparative characteristics of methods of government regulation of innovative activity in developed countries and in Ukraine

Kryvega K. V.  Tourist infrastructure in Ukraine: state and perspectives


Solodovnik L. M.Tsykhmystro V. V.  Basic aspects of evaluation of operating departments activity

Vanova M. I.Voevodin S. O.  Methodic of operational inventory management with application of multifactor regressive analysis

Shevtsova O. Y.Kasian S. Y.  Building the model of the capital management of industrial enterprises of Ukraine on the bases improvement of purchases and sales

Zaloznova Y. S.Dziuba S. V.  Influence of the natural and industrial factors of the fixed assets of the enterprises of the mining- metallurgical industry

Yermoshkina O. V.  Classification of financial flows under development of management financial system on enterprise


Metlova L. F.  Approaches to reforming of rational management of nature in man-caused overlade regions

Drachuk Y. Z.  To the question of choosing of priority problems of innovative development in security and ecology sphere in coal industry


Semencha I. Y.  Role of personality in professional activity of manager

Karmazin V. Y.  Analysis of possibility of usage of balanced indexes system in non-profitable mining-metallurgical enterprises management in Ukraine

Konishcheva N. I.Trushkina N. V.  Propositions on creation of specialized structural division on logistic activity management on mining enterprise

Soloviova L. O.  Transformation to the new-quality level of organization of sendee for enterprises - taxpayers


Iwankiewicz-Rak B.  Non governmental organizations in Poland as a result of economy transition

Yatsentiuk S. V.  Innovative brand-management as an effective tool of strategic management of changes on enterprises of region


Parshina O. A.Parshin Y. I.  Economic-mathematical simulation of manufacturing of mining machines of large engineering enterprise

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