Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2023 №1 (81)


Spitsyna A. E.  Knowledge economy and economic culture in the formation of skills of transport industry staff

Bardas A. V.Kornetskyy A. O.  Evolution of approaches to socially responsible management of enterprises in the context of sustainable development


Shyshkova N. L.Khutorna H. P.Shyshkova D. S.  International standards of audit: update of implementation practice in Ukraine

Savchuk L. M.Bandorina L. M.Udachyna K. O.Savchuk R. V.  Choosing a model of value-oriented financial management of the enterprise

Mshvidobadze T. I.  Financial crisis probability measurement model

Krylova O. V.Zamkovyy O. I.Horiacha O. I.Fedorova O. H.  Problems of the development of «green» banking in Ukraine


Boichenko M. V.Boiarkin M. O.  Innovations in foreign trade management under pre-war neo protectionism conditions

Bardas A. V.Bardas O. Ye.Bogach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.  Leadership as a factor of group dynamics within the organization

Bardas A. V.Avramenko O. O.  Risk management in the strategic planning of the banking organizations activities under force majeure conditions

Savchenko M. V.Vyshnevskyi V. Yu.  Ways of improving the efficiency of risk management in the context of integrated risk assessment of electricity industry enterprises


Riabtsev V. A.Kozenkov D. Ye.Alioshina T. V.  Change management as a necessary element of industrial enterprise development

Boniar S. M.Kharchuk O. H.  Digitalization of processes of transport enterprises as the basis of its strategic planning

Petrovska S. I.Shvets L. V.Haidai H. H.Levchuk N. M.  Motivation of the enterprise in risks management of transport behavior of passengers in megapolises

Kochura D. V.  Economic assessment of dynamics of energy consumption by production units of the enterprise

Pylypenko H. M.Smiesova V. L.Bezuhla L. S.Bondarenko L. A.  Theoretical and methodological aspects of determining the quality of services in the tourist business

Arefieva O. V.Kovalenko N. V.Andriienko M. M.  Intellectual potential as the main factor of innovative development of an enterprise

Prushkivska E. V.Kovalenko E.  Trends in the development of youth entrepreneurship in the EU and Ukraine

Smesova V. L.Kovtun N. V.  Assessing the level of development of corporate culture of an industrial enterprise in the context of innovative development

Chobitok I. O.  Assessment of resource potential as the basis for the formation innovative development management system industrial enterprises: scientific and practical aspects

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