Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2011 №3 (35)

Gavrish O. R.Kutina A. O.  A new phase of eurozone integration

Pashkevich M. S.  Diversification of coal mines activity in the context of Ukrainian depressive regions' development


Boyko V. V.Budinskaya O. U.  Influence of fluctuation immobilized of cash out of working progress, balances of finished products in stock and receivables on the required working capital fund

Tryfonova O. V.Bolotova Iu. S.  Logistic costs as a factor of sustainable functioning of the industrial enterprise

Varava L. M.Dobrovolski V. V.  Formation of energy management for mining plants

Krasnov A. A.Obodets R. V.  Methodical approaches to development of innovative components for shaping business infrastructure involving resources of higher educational establishments

Lvova J. G.  An innovative management of local battery production

Tertychko T. V.  Analysis and estimation of modern approaches to planning of expenses at coal production depending on its quality

Dzenzers'kiy D. V.  Budget management system of corporation financial activity and its improvement

Vorobjov J. M.Gorb V. A.Pochechun O. I.  The features of the calculation methods of the financial security level on railway transport enterprises

Khaver V. M.  Analysis of factors that influence financing innovation project


Erokhondina T. O.Shashenko O. O.  Economic and mathematical model of cost optimization in ustable market coal industry


Ivanova M. O.Egorova N. O.  Using modern methods of personnel management on productive enterprises


Rulinskaya O. V.  Perfection of method of marketing strategic planning in insurance companies

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