Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2015 №1 (49)


Bilotserkivets V. V.  Evolutional advancement of new economy: from traditional society to industrialism age

Yermoshkina O. V.  Social responsibility of business and financial maintenance of regional development: is there the conflict of interests?

Lytvynenko N. I.  Norms of legal behavior and socio-economic development of the state: cross cultural dimension

Alsufieva E. A.  Mechanism of coordination of economic interests of subjects of national economy: levels and tools of coordination

Pizhuk O. I.  Main trends of services sphere development in countries with transforming economies

Osadcha N. V.  Influence of customs regulatory regime on the country’s domestic economy

Shabanov D. I.  Evolution of corporate relations in the national economy of Ukraine

Drachuk Yu. Z.  Foundations for institutional support of innovative development of the coal industry

Nusinov V. Ya.Burkova L. A.  Characteristic features of economic efficiency estimation of anti-crisis measures at ore mining and processing enterprises

Temchenko O. A.Tyutyunyk Yи. M.  Definitions of key factors for sustainable development of mining and metallurgical complex of ukraine

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Formation of socially responsible business environment for a cityforming enterprise in the uranium ore mining and processing region

Samusya O. V.  Feasibility study of application of heat pump technology for hot water supply of underground mining enterprises

Serdyuk A. S.  The efficiency of public-private partnership investment projects in coal enterprises


Dovbnya S. B.  Methodology of formation of two-tier system of management diagnostics

Alekseev I. V.Ilchuk P. H.  Generalized model of decision-making for internationalization of enterprises

Faizova S. A.  Organizational provision of strategic management at the enterprise

Lobov S. P.  Diagnosis of maturity level of IT processes in the company and assess of the economic effect of its increase

Bondarchuk O. M.Holoborodko B. Yu.  Modeling of enterprise performance indicators in the cost management system

Rekunenko I. I.  Determination of the financial market information efficiency


Kryvenko S. V.  Ecological and economic development features of resource saving and secondary resources using in Ukraine

Letuchaya A. V.  Theoretical-methodological foundations of ecological expansion study


Pylypenko A. N.  Home economics in the system of national economy performance

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