Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2015 №3 (51)


Gerasymenko A. G.  Essence and vectors of economic systems transformation

Burlutska S. V.  Mechanisms of ensuring the socio-economic systems sustainability in the context of their safety

Pilipenko Yu. I.Prushkivska E. V.  Sectoral economic structure in the context of multi-stage social-economic development of society

Zavhorodnia O. A.  Functions of innovation and macroeconomic externalities of innovation dynamics

Chornobaev V. V.  Influence of competitive factor in the innovation process on the economic growth

Leonidov I. L.  Essence and content of the intellectual product's appropriation

Matyuk T. V.  Social nature of educational services and economic policy of the state

Chernyavskaya T. A.  Strategic directions of development in transport-communication system of Ukraine in the context of national security and sufficincy

Martsenyuk L. V.  Problems and prospects of tourism development in Ukraine

Vagonova A. G.Bondarenko L. A.  Methodical approach to the formation of competitive advantages of quarry dump trucks on the basis of their technical parameters

Varava L. N.  Innovative approach to wages in mining industry of Ukraine


Varava L. N.Harutyunyan A. R.Varava A. A.  Organizational and economic approaches to management of industrial enterprise competitiveness

Toporkova O. A.Savchuk L. M.Sokyrynska I. G.  Formation of an integrated system of energy cost management at the pipe enterprise

Pedko I. A.  Conceptual bases of formation of marketing information systems in business


Bogusch I. A.Belodedov A. A.Burtsev A. A.  On the problem of responsible management of ore deposits

Kovalchuk K. F.Kozenkova N. P.Kozenkova V. D.  Modern mechanisms of value-based management of industrial enterprise sustainable development

Rizun N. A.Gudim P. V.  Using the models of neural networks for making forecast of the securities pricing policy dynamics


Shvetz V. Ya.Palekhova L.Schmidt M.Palekhov D.  Partnership as a method for promoting the model of higher education for sustainable development

Vatkovska M. G.  The «Course: Education» project as part of modernization of the public administration system of education in Ukraine

Rizun M. D.  Analysis of virtual universities activity on the example of Polish e-learning platforms


Якубенко В. Д.  Вплив інституціонального середовища на розвиток соціальноекономічних систем

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