Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2011 №4 (36)


Kundyrevich V. P.  Neo-institutionalism as a theoretical base for global regulation of economic processes

Deeva N. M.  Potential of socialization, its measuring and assessment on the different territorial-system levels

Meshko N. P.  Economic risks for attracting the foreign direct investments in to the economy of Ukraine

Vyshnevs’ka M. K.Ponomarenko P. I.  Model of project-oriented centre for innovative development of the region

Kashuba Y. M.  Assessment of regional ranking by the level of development of enterprises on the basis of structural indexes

Zamkovyj O. I.  Creating the new theoretical-methodological approaches to managing the property of local community

Filipishin I. V.  Analysis of the factors of development of industrial enterprises of Ukraine


Omelchenko O. S.  Restructuring and readjustment: the comparative analysis of categories

Kabachenko D. V.Skrypka Y. S.  Basing the concept of business value as criteria of efficiency of firm’s activity

Bolots’kykh T. V.  Peculiarities of management of consumer behaviour of insurer

Galushko O. S.Kozar D. S.  Genesis of the conceptual essences of controlling


Lepa R. M.Streblyans’ka I. A.  Game approach in planning the production activity of an enterprise

Mironova L. G.  Model of dynamic ranking of the staff in managing the human resource potential of an enterprise

Bersuts’ky A. Y.  Simulation of diagnostics of the external environment in managing the balanced development of the resource potential of an enterprise


Andrienko V. M.  Conception of managing the informational supplying of an enterprise on the basis of the innovative business- processes

Stalins’ka O. V.Koverga S. V.Gaydatov O. V.  Basing the necessity for managing an enterprise on the basis of principles of the sustainable development


Rybintsev V. O.Strizhkova Y. V.  Vertical marketing structures in the infrastructure of an industrial enterprise

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