Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2017 №4 (60)


Pylypenko H. M.Relina I. Ye.  Social justice in the world economy: the eternal conflict between the state and the market

Guzenko I. Yu.  Institute of state in a globalized world: challenges of economic and scientific-technological development

Zadorozhnaya O. G.Khomin O. V.  Restricted role of socio-genome concept from economic point of view

Alekseyenko D. D.  Quantitative aspects of social capital measurement

Shyshkova N. L.Moroz E. Yu.  Electronic money: the essence and problems of use in ukraine

Prushkivskaya O. V.  Export-oriented and import-substitution policy in formation of the consumer market of the national economy in globalization conditions

Mushnykova S. A.Bozhanova H. V.  Systematization of approaches to the definition of the concepts «banking service», «banking transaction », «banking product»

Kovalenko A. A.  Urbanization and strategic planning for the sustainable development of cities

Yurchishina L. I.  Destination as the basis of regional tourism development

Zorina O. I.Fadieienko V. Yu.  Role of railway transport in the economic development of Ukraine

Prushkivskaya E. V.Nikolaenko M. I.  Specific features of development of the aviation industry at the international and national level in globalization conditions

Kovalchuk K. F.Petrova L. V.  Pressing questions of improving tax control in ukraine

Volotkovska Yu. A.Yaremchuk I. A.  On the practices of using international financial reporting standard by small and medium-sized business when joining the EU

Barannik L. B.Solomka Ya. A.  Analysis of fiscal efficiency of collecting personal income tax in Ukraine

Valeniuk N. V.Subotina H. O.  Determination of the influence of the resource base on the bank profit


Prokopenko V. I.Dosuzhyi V. S.  Cost effectiveness of innovative reproduction of durable equipment at machine-building enterprises

Kovalchuk K. F.Kozenkova N. P.  Networking methods of financing innovation enterprise activities

Ivanov S. V.Oscoma O. V.  Value-oriented approach to operative-calendar planning of construction enterprise activity under financial constraints

Bondar O. A.Kulikov P. M.Shkuropat O. H.Kapinos O. M.  Estimation of financial potential of an enterprise

Gharinova A. H.D E.Tsybenko I. O.  Problems of commercialization of intellectual construction products

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