Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2017 №1 (57)


Zavhorodnia O. O.Alsufieva O. O.  National innovation systems: classification and positioning in the Global Innovation Space

Gerasymenko H.Svystilnyk Yu.  Theoretical and methodological analysis of information economy

Pitsur Ya. S.Cherchenko O. L.Biloskurskyy R. R.  Sustainable social-economic development: evolution of views and theoretical analysis

Pylypenko H. M.Antonenko M. O.Kogha N. V.  Criteria of life quality evaluation in ukraine

Chornobayev V. V.Moroz Yu.  Effect of minimum wage increase on the economy and budget of Ukraine in 2017

Deeva N. M.  Ways of reforming the social state in the context of management decentralization

Udachyna K. O.Bandorina L. M.  Conceptual model for determining rational economic behavior of an economic entity

Gerashchenko S. A.  Impact of modern economic policy on investment climate in ukraine

Ivanyshyna G. S.  Global experience of regulating operations with precious metals

Prokofieva H. S.  Institutionalization of economic development of regions under global transformation

Prushkivska E. V.Shishova Yи. V.  Trends of foreign economic activity of zaporozhye region in the context of european integration

Letucha A. A.Letuchaya O. V.  Strategy of financial recovery of metallurgical enterprises of ukraine in the context of globalization

Lehovitser V. O.  Formation of innovation development directions of industrial engineering branch under european integration


Dovbnya S. B.Chabanez T. M.  Conception and structure of system of strategical management's diagnostics

Dubiei Yu. V.  Operational and strategic cost management of industrial enterprises

Horyaschenko Ju. H.Baiov B. S.  Market of innovation in ukraine and characteristics of innovation strategies at production enterprises

Romanenko O. O.  Conceptual approaches to the determination of marketing communication strategies

Krylova O. V.  Financialization and economic crisis

Tsyba R. P.  Strategic vectors of public finance management improvment in ukraine


Vaganova O. H.Sheremetyeva I. V.Arzhevichev D. V.  Features ecological-economic assessment of consequences of radioactive contamination of territories by uranium production waste

Tymoshenko L. V.Kulichenko D. V.  Prioritization of financing of environmental protection projects

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