Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Finances

2022 №2 (78)

Shtefan N. M.Harus I. D.  Improvement of financial market development mechanisms in the conditions of financial technology development of virtualization and digitalization

Dzhyhora O. M.  Features of the budget process and budget security in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine

2022 №1 (77)

Shtefan N. M.  Role of financial planning in making managerial decisions

Mshvidobadze T. I.  Security issues in next generation mobile payment systems

2021 №4 (76)

Shtefan N. M.  Bank's credit and investment portfolio structure optimization

Yermoshkina O. V.Musaeva N. M.  Payment system as a basic element of the digital economy: institutional-behavioral aspects

Myachin V. H.Stovpnyk O. V.Karpenko V. A.Miroshnichenko O. V.  Algorithm for constructing an integral indicator of financial security of an enterprise using a fuzzy-logical approach

Kozenkova V. D.Kozenkova N. P.  Modeling the intangible assets’ elasticity profile as a tool of financial benchmarketing

2021 №3 (75)

Krylova O. V.Orlova M. S.Zamkovyi O. I.  Current problems of financial security of business entities in the conditions of FinTech transformation of the financial market

Solianyk L. G.Tsurkan I. M.Hudym M. O.  Peculiarities of business financing in the context of global trends in the use of FinTech innovation in the capital market

2020 №3 (71)

Syniavska L. V.Tofan I. N.  Problematic aspects of taxation of agricultural producers

Kolodiy A. V.Hrytsyna O. V.  Estimation of the money supply of Ukraine: state, structure, trends

Korol M. M.  Evolution of the canadian banking system and features of its regulation at different stages of economic reform

Prykhodchenko O. Yu.  Decision-making methods in choosing the structure of the pension system

Rubai O. V.Bogach M. M.  Financial resources management in the treasury system

2020 №1 (69)

Stoliar O. O.  Structural analysis of gas distribution as a part of gas price for consumers

Abernikhina I. H.Sokyrynska I. H.  Liquidity and solvency assessment of an insurance company

2019 №4 (68)

Grytsyna O. V.Sholudko O. V.Sodoma R. I.  Pension reform in Ukraine: reality and prospects

2019 №3 (67)

Tofan I. M.Syniavska L. V.  Wage taxation: poland experience and prospects for Ukraine

Prykhodchenko O. Y.Prykhodchenko S. D.  Information supply and methodological approaches to analysis of non-state pension funds

Agres O. H.Tymkiv I. M.  Economic essence of cooperation with banks and insurance companies

Solianyk L. G.  Institutional mechanism of innovative development of Ukraine in the context of global challenges

Yermoshkina O. V.  Managing financial flows of enterprises on the basis of capital structure predicting

2019 №2 (66)

Poliakh S. S.  Relationship between public financial investment and state financial stability: theoretical and methodological aspect

2019 №1 (65)

Barannik L. B.Dulik T. A.Alexandryuk T. Yu.  Role of tax rates for consumption in the system of fiscal- redistributive processes in Ukraine

Solianyk L. H.  Institutionalization of credit mechanism of stimulating innovative development of Ukraine