Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2022 №2 (78)


Pylypenko H. M.  Economic and sociological approach to the analysis of market behavior of economic entities

Shvets A. I.  Problems and prospects of the development of Ukraine’s ICT market in the conditions of war


Danich V. M.Tatar M. S.  System of monitoring social and economic interaction of business entities in conditions of global challenges

Kohut-Ferens O. I.  Modern world energy market model

Shkurat M. Ye.Vizniuk A. O.  Participation of Ukraine in global migration processes

Chynchyk A. A.Holubka S. M.  Influences of european integration on the formation and implementation of the tax policy of Ukraine

Zaliznyuk V. P.  Impact of ukrainian economy on the development of trade and economic relations and cooperation between african countries


Arefieva O. V.Tytykalo V. S.  Monitoring of the space-process management system of the enterprise’s economic potential

Bessonova S. I.Komarov A. S.  Impact of investments on the development of industrial enterprises in Ukraine in the conditions of eurointegration

Ivanets D. V.  Competitiveness of an aircraft repair enterprise: methodical basis and strategies

Andriishyna O. O.Shapoval V. A.  Retail trade in the conditions of digitalization of society

Holubka D. S.  The principles of improving the development of franchise business in Ukraine

Dobryniuk O. I.Litvinov Yu. I.  Formation of the competitive position of a small manufacturing enterprise on the basis of business modeling

Savchenko M. V.Balzan I. V.  Conceptual approach to the management of labor potential development of an enterprise


Dzhyhora O. M.  Features of the budget process and budget security in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine

Shtefan N. M.Harus I. D.  Improvement of financial market development mechanisms in the conditions of financial technology development of virtualization and digitalization


Kuvaieva T. V.Zakharchenko Yu. V.  Impact of the marketing 4.0 concept on the functioning of the competitive electricity market of Ukraine


Bardas A. V.Boichenko M. V.Bohach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.  Project management of «unicorn» companies under digitalization conditions

Ivanova M. I.Dudnyk A. V.Yashkina H. V.Zaiets N. M.  Modern methods for selecting a supplier as a necessary component of effective enterprise management

Kharin S. A.Papizh Yu. S.Yudenko V. V.Kozarevych S. V.  Integral model of decarbonization management in the context of sustainable development concept

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