Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2022 №1 (77)


Lytvynenko N. I.Pylypenko H. M.  Microeconomic principles of market concentration research

Raicheva L. I.  Conceptual statements of structural modernization of economic systems: essence and interpretation

Chynchyk A. A.  Tax tools with innovative functionality: practice and possibilities of application in Ukraine

Yatsykovskyy B. I.Holubka S. M.  Prospects for development of the mining industry in the conditions of digitalization of the national economy

Shvets A. I.  Circular economy as a new model of Ukrainian economy development in the european integration process

Krylova O. V.Zamkovyi O. I.Horiacha O. I.  Trends of the latest phase of science and scientific research development in Ukraine


Smiesova V. L.  Economic analysis of the modern world market of goods and services

Alekneviciene V.Huzenko I. Yu.Solianyk L. H.  Global trends in foreign investment and their role in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy

Savchenko M. V.Chaikovska M. V.Volkova A. R.  Comparative analysis of leasing business development in Ukraine and the USA

Khadzhynov I. V.Bila I. V.  Analysis of circular economy development trends in europe

Myronenko M. A.  Development of metallurgy of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization challenges according to the results of 2021

Pylypenko Yu. I.Dubiei Yu. V.  International business in the technology transfer system

Pereverzeva S. O.  Scientific basis of commercial activities of entities of the international business environment


Mshvidobadze T. I.  Security issues in next generation mobile payment systems

Shtefan N. M.  Role of financial planning in making managerial decisions


Smilianets V. V.  Theoretical fundamentals of innovation potential management in the conditions of using the marketing paradigm

Zatsarynin S. A.  Simulation of consumer behavior in the market of medical products


Kozenkova V. D.Tkachova O. K.  Mathematical methods of risk assessment of agricultural enterprises

Tatar M. S.Yermakova A. V.  Accounting and diagnostic basis of analysis of the influence of fixed funds usage efficiency on business entities’ financial status

Tytykalo V. S.  Theoretical basics and evolution of fundamentals of enterprise management

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