Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2023 №2 (82)


Pylypenko H. M.Lytovka V. A.  Methodological prerequisites for studying the corporate culture of international companies

Pylypenko Yu. I.Shvets A. S.  Human capital: the essence and factors of development

Nechepurenko M. O.  Social entrepreneurship as a form of social responsibility of small and medium-sized businesses

Shtefan N. M.Solianyk L. H.Honcharuk A. M.  Methodological approaches to assessing the impact of environmental factors on the efficiency of investments


Bratchuk U. P.  The state of the global financial architecture: current trends and prospects for reform

Hnatyshyn M. A.  Economic growth, trade, and greenhouse gas emissions in the european union - investigating pollution leakage

Savchenko M. V.Piziuk O. A.  Foreign direct investments from the european union in the economy of Ukraine: current state and trends of involvement

Lytvynenko N. I.  Innovative activity in the basic metals industry: comparative analysis with EU countries

Herashchenko S. O.Shashkina K. T.  Geo-economic factors of foreign direct investment movement and strengthening of national security of Ukraine

Shtefan N. M.Parfenenkova A. S.Yetchyi A. M.  Transformation of the national model of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine according to the European green concept


Bardas A. V.Avramenko O. O.  Use of agile methodology for project management in banking organizations

Papizh Yu. S.Kosolapov A. F.Yudenko V. V.Kozarevych S. V.  Management of energy industry enterprises based on the sustainable development concept


Kasian S. Ya.Shapoval D. Ye.Mykhailyshyn R. V.  Marketing communications, sustainable development during the promotion of home appliances in online stores under wartime conditions


Solodkyi V. V.Polishchuk Yu. A.  Artificial intelligence implementation in ukrainian banks: perspectives and limitations

Solianyk L. H.Shtefan N. M.Nikolaienko A. O.  Fintech tools for predicting bankruptcy: integration of traditional and innovative approaches


Shvets V. Ya.Baranets H. V.Hrebenko D. O.  Scenario forecasting of changes in the state of Ukrainian steel plants in the conditions of war on the basis of probabilistic methods

Ivanets D. V.  Methodological bases for assessing the effectiveness of the enterprises' innovation activity from the standpoint of their competitiveness

Dovbnya S. B.Papusha I. V.  The essence of enterprise strategy and classification of its types

Dolzhenko D. Yu.  Motivational aspects of enterprise potential renewal

Kochura D. V.  Economic assessment of the influence of weather conditions on the dynamics of energy consumption of a mining and processing plant

Shapoval V. A.Litvinov Yu. I.  Strategic management of startups in the context of local economic development

Ivanova M. I.Sannikova S. F.Yashkina N. V.Kotenko A. Yu.  Features of the formation of the corporate and organizational culture of metallurgical enterprises

Prokhorova V. V.Zaitseva A. S.  Evaluation of the enterprise's life cycle by phases of viability as a basis for building cluster polyvector models of development transparency

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