Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2016 №1 (53)


Smiesova V. L.  Genesis of economic ideas about economic interests of primary period to the phase of world civilization formation

Zakharchenko N. V.Shvetsova A. A.  Mechanism of financing political parties from the state budget: world experience and prospects for Ukraine

Gerashchenko S. A.  Direct foreign investment: modern trends of development in Ukraine

Pulariya P. A.  Influence of foreign direct investment on the economic development of Ukraine

Pilgui S. S.  Impact of global financial crisis on finansial resilience of the banking system of ukraine

Isaeva N. I.  State system of strategic planning of the republic of kazakhstan

Ivanyuta V. F.  Role of agricultural business in rural development in the european integration context

Korytko T. Yu.  Estimation of risk of loss of financial firmness by territorial society

Razumova H. V.Shevchuk Yu. B.Shelegova N. V.  Analysis of the local budgets' role in the formation of regional financial resources (on the example of Dnipropetrovsk city)


Vagonova A. G.Prokopenko V. I.  Expert substantiation of ways of increasing competitive advantages of dump trucks

Solianyk L. H.  Financial stabilisation of enterprises in real sector of economy: condition, problems and mechanism of promotion

Piletska S. T.  Organisational and economic mechanism of realising the strategy of innovative activity of aviation enterprise

Miagkykh I. N.  Theoretical and methodological approach to the integrated assessment of aviation enterprise investment activities


Baranets H. V.  Development of approaches to the estimate of logistic fixed assets in the system of enterprise management analysis

Arefiev S. O.  Management of dynamic capabilities of enterprises structural transformations

Al-Ababneh Hassan. Ali.  Determination of efficiency of modern advertising


Lazebnyk L. L.Gatska L. P.  Impact of environmental regulation on competitiveness of mining enterprises

Bardas A. V.Dudnik A. V.  On the estimation of the natural resourses potential and environment quality of urban settlement

Tymoshenko L. V.  Environmental and economic aspects of evaluation and prediction of air pollution in industrial city

Garashchuk O. V.Kutcenko V. I.  Education in the context of environmentally safe development of society


Teneta V. M.  Definition of investment risks based on neuro fuzzy modeling

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