Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2017 №3 (59)


Zadorozhnaya O. G.  Trialectics as a methodology of studying the humane business

Alekseenko D. D.  Theory of social capital as a methodological basis for research of the result of institutional reforms

Kucherenko E. V.  Essence of the notion of demonstrative consumption

Guzenko I. Yu.  Features of the scientific and technical policy of the leading countries of the world in globalization conditions

Relina I. Ye.  Evolution of social policy in european union countries

Ivanyshyna G. S.  Place and role of business entities in assay supervision in ukraine

Petkova L. E.Marushchak D. Yu.  Sustainable development of ukraine regions in the conditions of the european approach to decentralization

Knysh Ya. V.  Place of regional economy in the domain of the national and international economy

Buryak V. V.  Harmonization mechanism of industrial city development in the conditions of decentralization

Sokyrynska I. H.Valeniuk N. V.Subotina H. O.  Optimization of the bank credit portfolio structure in the context of improving the efficiency of its activity

Pilgui S. S.  Conceptual basis of anti—crisis management in banking

Kholikov Kh. Kh.  Foreign experience of preparation, retraining and increase of qualification of workers of the banking sphere


Shishkova N. L.  Principles of establishment of internal control of higher educational institution activities in conformity to cobit 5

Vagonova O. H.Dosuzhyi V. S.  Factors of operational planning of enterprise activities of an industrial enterprise

Sakun L. M.  Problems and perspectives of innovative development of machine-building industry of ukraine

Ovchar P. A.  Economic and legal aspects of automotive transport in ukraine

Vaganova A. H.Arzhevichev D. V.  Forecasting the economic consequences of accidents at waste storage facilities of uranium production


Vagonova O. H.Horpynych O. V.Shapoval V. A.  Business education as a factor of knowledge economy implementation

Kulikov P. M.Bondar E. A.Zelenskyy K. V.  Methodology of construction educational-creative trajectory as a graph-criteria of competitiveness of a person

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